CUNY Baruch or SUNY Binghamton?

<p>I am looking foward to pursue a career somewhere within the business field, but am debating over two schools right now. I will be a transfer student in the fall 06'. So far, these are the pros and cons I've came up with for myself, please add on along with any other advice and opinions. They are greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>A few things holding myself back from Baruch is because it is a CUNY. I'm not sure how well it would balance compared the supposedly best SUNY (Bing). However, I am told that it's better to go to Baruch b/c it is a business based school, whereas Bing is more medical based and/or business based.</p>

<p>I would probably get more to full financial aid at Baruch, whereas I would get about half my tuition paid with financial aid at Bing. At Baruch, I would be able to live at home and is an urban area. At Bing, I would be able to have the 'college experience/dorming', but it is said to be crazy cold during the winters.</p>

<p>Lastly, I am hoping to find answers for: would it matter whether it is a CUNY or SUNY when speaking of these two schools for business? How different is the education? What would you choose in my position? If possible, please add why.</p>

<p>bump really interested in what all of you have to say.</p>

<p>Okay, first off, you are wrong about one thing. Bing is NOT the best SUNY (esp for Business). If you were thinking of SUNYs and business, Buffalo has the highest ranked program. Geneseo is probably a better undergrad experience (esp. for liberal arts) as a whole than Bing as well. However, if you want to land a good job, Baruch gets all the top recruiters to visit. I got into the University Scholars program at Binghamton last year, but I chose to enroll at the CUNY Honors College at Baruch because the overall experience and networking opportunities are WAY better. Also, Baruch is arguably the best CUNY school, and attracts amazing professors because of its ideal location. Therefore, it will deliver a great liberal arts education as well if thats what you're looking for. If you want to dorm, you can always apply for student housing across the street. I really don't know what else to say, but everyone I know at Binghamton needs to get drunk to actually have a good time. While there are several bars around Baruch that do not card, many people here seem to enjoy themselves without engaging in that sort of stuff. Good luck on your predicament. I'll try to answer more questions if needed.</p>

<p>Bing is the better school, however Baruch is the school to go to for Business. </p>

<p>Don't know if Bing is the best SUNY but it is the hardest to get into.</p>

<p>If I were you I wouldn't transfer to any of those schools.
Since you got into Bing then I assume you got the grades to get into schools like Penn State(maybe), BU(maybe), Fordham, Buffalo, Rutgers, etc.</p>

<p>Penn State is harder to get into than Bing. In addition, Geneseo is the hardest SUNY to get into, not Bing.</p>

<p>Baruch is good for business, City College and Hunter beats Baruch in the science majors and research. Therefore, Baruch is NOT the best in the CUNY system, just in the business major.</p>

<p>Im not just saying this b/c I go there, but the Science department is amazing at Baruch. People take introductory courses in Bio and suddenly want to minor in it because the professors are that good at what they do. But if you're seriously considering science and premed, I'd go with Sophie Davis at City or even Hunter for a tier-2 track. But the Hunter campus is pretty - well...not so pretty (though the location is great). For the liberal arts and obviously business, Baruch prevails.</p>

<p>Quick Question:</p>

<p>Does CUNY schools send rejection letters?
I got into the Queens College but never heard a word from Baruch.
But I recently got a letter from their Financial Aid office. Something about how I have to go in to fix a problem with my FAFSA.
Does that mean I got in?</p>

<p>Yes, Baruch prevails in liberal arts and business
City College and Hunter, in the sciences and research.
But I wouldnt count on CUNY that much, you be better off at a private school. Like other people stated, students go to CUNY because its cheap.</p>

<p>And, believe it or not, CUNY schools do send out rejection letters. And I would call Baruch directly to find out if you got accepted.</p>

<p>Don't knock cheap! I can assure you that you will be a very happy camper having no debt upon graduation vs. having debt of $75,000 or more in debt! In addition, I am not sure that the undergraduate curriculum varies from school to school as much as most people think. If we were talking Harvard vs. Baruch, then you at least you get the name cache. However, other schools such as Fordam, SUNY etc. vs. Baruch, isn't that big a difference in name recognition and value.</p>