Hi everyone!! I submitted my CUNY application on September 7, 2016. There is no application status when I look, just a statement of where I applied. I applied to John Jay, City College, and Brooklyn. Did anyone get an acceptance/rejection letter yet? I want to make my schedule ASAP and send my deposit because John Jay is my #1 and other colleges want me so I’m waiting on them!!! Please share!!!

@NickiG130 There are no updates because they probably haven’t started to process FALL 2017 applications yet. According to past posts, applicants usually get acceptance emails around the first week in February.

Son’s portal now says this message…

I’m not sure when this changed, but it was recent, maybe yesterday or this morning.

I got into Brooklyn yesterday and John Jay today via emails. Still have my heart set on Baruch though.

hey guys, im an international student. I submitted my application on Nov 3rd and mailed my documents early december. i emailed them and they said they received my documents early Jan. Can anyone give me some idea when will I be getting my response? Thanks

Here ya go

thank you, which college are you in? im from Bangladesh. i sent my o levels and IELTS scores, didnt give SAT because im not from a english speaking country , i emailed about sats previously and they said it was okay. what do you think?