CUNY John jay or City College of New york

Today I got admitted to cuny John jay college. Currently I’m a junior at city college, but so far I didn’t like it. I’m going for a pre dental track. And I am not sure if John jay will be a better decision for me. Also I struggle with ccny because it takes me 1.5h to travel all the way from Brooklyn to Harlem every day. John jay is only 50 min away. Could you please give me some advices

Did you apply to Brooklyn College? Isn’t John Jay known for Forensics and Criminal Justice? If you have a long commute then I suggest you try to take your classes on two days each week if possible. Tues and Thurs classes would work if you can do that. Save yourself a lot of commuting.

Brookyln college has the worst reputation among cuny’s

@Dinacoltrane: I thought the choice was between Hunter and Stony Brook? How did you end up at CCNY?
You are a CC transfer student, so you have 2-years max at CCNY, so why transfer now? Most 4-year colleges require the completion of anywhere from 45 to 60 credits as a condition of granting a bachelor’s degree.

Yeah, I read the comment of someone regarding CCNY, it has a strong reputation in medical field. And I decided to go there, it was late for an Admission process but I asked them to consider my application and they took me. I’m happy with CCNY, it is just somewhat far

If you do like City College, you might ask John Jay to defer your admission for a term, while you try oo make City work for you. Can you, for example, do as the other poster suggested, and group your classes so you come to campus less frequently? Can you take some of your (not dental school pre-reqs) classes online? Can you crash with a friend a couple of nights a week, who lives closer to campus? If that’s impossible, and this commute is too much, you can transfer.

I didn’t even realize that John Jay offered science majors! I checked, and they do offer the courses you’d need to be pre-med/pre-dental. They don’t have much of a rep for science, though. Doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with their programs, but if you chose CCNY based on its rep in the sciences, that factor seems important to you. Thus you might consider applying to some additional schools - but only to those that are within, say… 45/50 minutes commute from home, if any are still accepting transfer applications.

City College is a good school, and certainly one of the stronger CUNYs. But John Jay cuts your commute a lot, and it does offer what you need. The reduced commute may mean you do better in your classes - more time to study, less tired, etc. They also have a pre-health advisor, who can help you through the process of dental school admissions. If you do transfer to JJ, meet with that person once you get to campus.