Hello! Can someone explain to me what it’s like to be accepted at Macaulay Honors at Lehman College? In addition, I want to major in physics if I get accepted. Is the physics programs good at Lehman?

Do you live in NYC?
Why Lehman and not, say, City? Have you been admitted to Lehman/Macaulay already?
Macaulay is a superb program for commuters from NYC.

I don’t live in NYC but, I do live in NY (Lehman is a 20min drive from where I live, although my parents may get me an apartment to be closer to the college) I got accepted to Lehman College but, I’m waiting for the Maucaulay Honors decision which will be on March 15. I’d rather attend Macaulay Honors at Lehman because they are the only Macaulay Honors College that offers astronomy courses (since I plan on going to graduate school for astrophysics)

Hey! What are ur stats?

If you can live nearby and combine Lehman+Macaulay it’d be a good choice - have you been admitted to other colleges or is that your main choice?
Macaulay will offer support for grad school but Lehman has a lot of red tape and isn’t super conducive to grad school* so if you don’t get Macaulay make sure to apply to the Honors program or consider other choices.

  • Look at list "where science PHDs got their start" from the National Science Foundation.

Hello! My stats are:
SAT: 1410
Weighted GPA: ~90 (I am going to get the full IB Diploma so I took many difficult classes)
Rank: ~40/~300 (Basically top 15%)
Ok ECs (I had a lot of transportation issues so I couldn’t really commit to any long lasting club)
2 Great LORs
I believe my essays were great and passionate.
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: South Asian

I’ve been accepted to SUNY Binghamton and SUNY Stony Brook. I haven’t received a financial aid package from SUNY Binghamton yet. Stony Brook gave me a presidential scholarship of $3,000 for 4 years (total=$12,000) as long as a maintain a good gpa in the university. However, that scholarship does not include room and board. I also got into RIT which totals 37k per year including the room, board, tuition, and fees. Since I plan to go to grad school I want to limit the amount of college debt I get into which is why I might attend Macaulay Lehman College for the full-ride.

Thanks for the suggested list! I’ll definitely check it out.