CUNY/Pace------>Tier-1 College?

<p>Is it possible to transfer from these colleges to a top tier college like Columbia or NYU without any problem with credit-transfering?</p>



<p>You probably wouldn't have trouble transferring credits, but you have to realize that NYU is not Columbia. If you apply for junior year, NYU doesn't need SATs and will look pretty much just at your college work, but Columbia will consider everything and is probably still a big reach if it was in high school. It's definitely possible to get into NYU as a transfer from a crappy third/forth tier level school though. I got into NYU CAS for the fall from a third/forth tier public, and they would have accepted all the credits I have completed. It just depends on the person and major. You also have to consider the school you apply to at NYU, like how Stern has a much lower transfer acceptance rate than Steinhardt.</p>

<p>I'm guessing your stuck going to Pace or a CUNY school in the fall? From my personal experience, I'd say don't get preoccupied with transferring yet. That's the biggest I've made so far in college.</p>

<p>Wel the thing is that i have problem with finances for the freshmen year as my brother is graduating next year. My parents r still able to pay for a good LAC's education but i ll be surely reapplying next year so i think dt i should go to a cheaper place if its possible. SAT1: 2230 (1430), SAT2: 2370, TOEFL: 111. I ll be transfering out after the first year.</p>