CUNY queens or baruch college for computer science

I got accepted into Baruch and Queens college and I want to major in computer science. I know that both schools have their ups and downs.

I also have some questions about the transferring process since both schools are practically useless when it comes to helping unless I pay my deposit. I went on my degree works “transfer what ifs” and saw that there was a long list of credits I need to take for both schools.

For queens, do I really need to take 2 lit, 2 languages, 2 science, 2 additional and 2 writing courses just to fulfill the college option?

for Baruch, do I really need to take 4 college options, 8 pre-business, and 8 business classes?

I feel like all of this is unnecessary as a transfer because…how am I suppose to finish all of this in the remaining years plus my major credits?

When it comes to choosing the right school, I feel like Baruch has a good connection with a lot of businesses when I come out of college and a big support group. Also if I were to switch my major midway, there would be so many other majors I may be interested in.

For Queens, they have a better computer science program and they base their program solely on cs instead of business so that would be my focus.

I am transferring from John Jay college so all the credits are all over the place for both schools because, for some reason, their credits and classes are completely different.

I am looking for a good environment, community, advisors, and to make friends that would allow me to actually want to go to school instead of transferring once again.

Pls help.

do you want to stay in the city or are you ok w queens, I would shoot for Baruch , it has the better rep but when you transfer you sometimes lose credits, if money is tight go with what ever school lets you transfer more credits.

Thank you NJdad07090. The commute isn’t really a problem for me. It’s just that I want to learn when I’m in college so if you know which cs program is better, that would be great!
I saw a “what if” credit transfer and they’re basically the same.
Baruch has so many connections so I can easily get a job once I graduate. However, the ratio of business-oriented classes to cs classes is like 10:1
Queens college is open to all majors and I hear they actually teach how to code and stuff like that which is essential.