CUNY Questions

I am an upcoming senior next year and am thinking of applying to CUNY. However, I have several questions that can’t be answered by the website or they were not made clear.

  1. For the freshman app, you can apply to up to six schools with a fee of $65- is this $65 total for all the six schools or is it $65 each?
  2. Does CUNY really require all applicants to mail in transcripts/essays/scores/etcetera instead of electronically?
  3. Is the CUNY app the same for all years?
  4. What do New York state and city residents think about the CUNY system? I'm from out of state and I am curious to know. Also, what do out of state students think of the CUNY system?

Thank you so much!

My kids haven’t applied to CUNY schools, so I can’t address your first 3 questions.

But I will say that the system has a great reputation. Any number of my coworkers have attended CUNY schools, and have been very happy with the educations they received. As with any large system, some of their schools and majors within those schools are stronger than others, so you’ll want to do your homework before applying.

And I’m not sure that all have dorms, so of course you’ll want to keep that in mind as you do research.