curious about Gordon College

<p>At our local Ca high school not many kids go to far away to college. Over 50% head to the local City College. But there has been a trend in the last 4 years for a few students each year to attend Gordon College outside of Boston. It is a school I have not heard mentioned here on CC. A friend of my D's is applying to only 2 schools and 1 of them is Gordon. What type of school is it and is is locally known?</p>

<p>This school is not well known. Try UMass.</p>

<p>I grew up in the Northeast and went to Wheaton college in Mass.....everyone I knew went to a Northeastern LAC and I'd never heard of Gordon until my niece got a full scholarship there.......I think its a Christian that it has no local reputation (let alone national) I can't recommend it.....there are so many terrific East Coast colleges to look at....why go somewhere that no one's ever heard of? (my niece ended up at Skidmore and loved it)</p>

<p>Gordon is very well known amongst those looking at Christian schools. It is a small (1500) LAC with a strong programs in theology and music. </p>

<p>Lots of kids from this area go there and seem to thrive - very caring environment, yet academically challenging as well. Because they appeal to a specific type of kid it is not on everyone's radar screen - but it is in Fiske.</p>

<p>I was not interested for my D. I was curious because so few kids from our area go away let alone go across the country yet kids are going here. I guess it is a case of one goes and likes it and each year another follows. The christian college makes sense with the girl we know applying. She is also applying to Seattle Pacific. Which I assume is also Christian.</p>