Curious about Hiram

<p>We discovered Hiram in part through the "Colleges That Change Lives" book and through some other items we've read on the Web and my son is now very interested in the school. I was wondering if there are any current students or parents of students who could comment on a few points about the school. I think this may be a long shot based on the lack of activity here on the Hiram forum, but it seems to be a very unique and special place and we'd appreciate any input we can get.</p>

<p>We have a very positive initial reaction to the 12-3 semester structure but were wondering about the range of class offerings in the three week portion of the semester. Are there many classes to choose from or are students directed toward a limited set of classes? How easy is it to arrange study abroad during these periods? </p>

<p>How common is it for a student to schedule more than one study abroad session?</p>

<p>Are the study abroad programs distributed evenly over the course of the year or are they more common in certain times of the year? This is somewhat of an extension of the questions above. We're curious about the ability to use the 3-week portions of the semester to engage in multiple study abroad opportunities. We've done quite a bit of international travel as a family and my son would really like to be able to spend at least a portion of his college time studying overseas.</p>

<p>My son has two major focuses for his further studies. One, he is deeply committed to becoming a football coach at the college or pro level. From our analysis we've found that most coaches do not have degrees specifically related to sports, a fact that's very liberating for our son as he now has the flexibility to study whatever interests him. Second, he's interested in sports broadcasting, media studies, and communications. From what we gather the Mediated Communications major and Exercise Science minor at Hiram would make an excellent combination of programs for him. Can anyone comment on the relative strengths and weaknesses of these two programs?</p>

<p>While some families dread the college search process we're actually enjoying it. My son is somewhat energized by the opportunity to explore new options for widening his horizons after high school. From what we can gather Hiram appears to be a great place for someone like him (i.e. smart, creative, athletic, socially conscious... I know... I'm bragging!) to engage in a broad liberal arts education in a small community atmosphere with excellent support from the school. Any comments you care to give in support of this position, or contrary to it, would be appreciated!</p>


<p>I can't answer your questions. I would recommend that you call the school and definitely visit.
I too am searching for schools for my D and we did visit Hiram just two weeks ago. I was very impressed with the school. They are growing and have some very nice new townhouse dorms, a brand new (Fall 09) dining hall. The sports complex was also fairly new and very nice. I too was impressed by the Hiram plan scheduling. Studying abroad is encouraged, with many students going twice.
The down side to the school is the very rural setting. There really are no coffee shops or any shops in the immediate area. We live in downtown DC so that is a bit of an issue.
I would encourage a visit. The school is very welcoming.
Good luck!</p>