Curious about opinion's regarding NYU Abu Dhabi...

<p>The comments regarding this article were mostly negative, except for the few made by future '14 of NYU Abu Dhabi. </p>

<p>I thought it a lively and interesting debate. I posted it on the NYU thread but didn't see many people who were attending next year. Any of you fellow CCers know NYU Abu Dhabi kiddies?</p>

<p>N.Y.U</a>. Abu Dhabi Scours Globe for Its First Students -</p>

<p>I always thought of the school being a successful American university in the middle east. Growing up in the USA I find many to know very little policies, currencies etc... that exist in different countries. Students should know such information etc... when looking at NYU Abu Dhabi or any school abroad.</p>

<p>It's a fascinating venture. It's interesting to note however, that the COA is > $62,000 a year.</p>

<p>The school's financial support program is probably the most generous in the world, so the $62,000/year thing isn't really a problem. According to their website, all NYUAD students will graduate debt-free.</p>

<p>The acceptance and yield rates sound fishy to me. 9000 apps, 185 accepts, and 150-something deposits?</p>

<p>I don't fully understand what the policy toward Jewish students will be, and it makes me uncomfortable to think of NYU (or any other reputable American university) having a campus in a place that so clearly has been unwelcoming to at least some Jewish visitors in the past (thinking specifically of Ms. Peer, the Israeli tennis player). I am sure that NYU itself cannot be officially discriminatory in terms of hiring faculty or admitting students but I can't help but wonder about unofficial policies and even more about the surrounding environment. I question how much an American student who also happened to be Jewish (even if very secular) would be able to interact with the culture and people of Abu Dhabi both in terms of learning about it/them and in terms of sharing his or her own experience.</p>

<p>^You will find that the UAE is anti-Isreal more than they are anti-Jew. Unless you are super-Orthodox, you will probably not face any abject discrimination.</p>

<p>NYU in the UAE, like any other US university in the Gulf, is a gimmick. Imagine having a university in Las Vegas, minus the fun nightlife, good restaurants and freedom of thought and speech.</p>