Curious ivy hopeful who wants to give CC a shot...

<p>Here are my stats. I'd like to know if I have a shot at the schools I applied to, and if so, how much? I will get back to you when I find out. Will chance back.</p>

<p>Area: Montreal</p>

<p>GPA: High school - 95 (highest average in grade), CEGEP - Hardest program with hardest courses in province - 85</p>

<p>SAT I: 2210 - CR: 730, M: 800, W: 680 (eep!)</p>

<p>SAT II: Chemistry: 800, Biology E: 780, French: 760</p>

<p>Refs: I never saw them but other teachers at my school have read them over and have approached me to tell me that so-and-so's reference letter was the best I've ever seen - all the teachers basically said I'm a genius and one of the best students they have ever taught, if not THE best (in their subject...). My mentor (a doctor I shadow weekly) wrote the most glowing thing ever about how well i relate with people and work in a team, and what a great person I am and how much everyone loves me at the hospital and what a good doctor I'd make and how I learn fast and possess a "native intelligence in the sciences" (that one I've seen). So yeah, don't mean to brag, but they're awesome!</p>

<p>ECs: I work for the city ambulance as a certified EMR/EMT and wrote and am producing the school musical (2hr production + 11 original songs). Those are the major, most recent ones. I also started the newspaper at my old high school and it still exists despite me not being there anymore. 6 years professional acting experience, student life committee (this exclusive policy-making comittee at my school consisting of the dean and a mix of representative students, staff, and faculty), I teach drama at the community center, first aid team, volunteering/shadowing at a hospital, and the list goes on... this is just the tip of the iceberg</p>

<p>Sports: Was once upon a time a competitive waterskiier... haven't competed in 4 years though.</p>

<p>Awards: Governor General's Academic Medal, McGill University Science Award... one for community service, another for getting along with my peers and having a positive attitude in high school... and a LOT of subject awards. None yet for CEGEP though.</p>

<p>Other: published in poetry magazines, play I wrote was featured in a national publication and a feature about it will air on CBC news.</p>

<p>Ok, i hope that didn't sound too braggy, because I'm usually not like that...</p>

<p>Colleges: Harvard, Brown, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, WUSTL, Oberlin, Northwestern, McGill, Johns Hopkins</p>

<p>NOTE: The Quebec high school curriculum is among the toughest in North America and we do NOT practice any grade inflation whatsoever. The highest overall average obtained in the entire province was a 98.1 and he went to an easy high school. Only about 2-3% of students have an over 90 average.</p>

<p>As for CEGEPs, comparing grades in different programs is like comparing apples and oranges... so in one program you could get an easy 90 while in another (such as mine) it is unheard of except from people with no life.</p>

<p>Note: Also did Harvard summer program and got A's in both classes (2009), was part of a highly selective canadian science, tech, entrepreneurship, and leadership program called Shad (2008). In 2007 I started a drama program at a summer camp (I was drama specialist).</p>

<p>ivies will be tough; wustl, nw, jhu= low reach/match, oberlin/mcgill- in</p>

<p>I mean, you're as competitive as it gets (SAT could be stronger, but eh who knows). It's just annoying that there are so many people who are as competitive as it gets also. But you've certainly got a dec shot.<br>
Harvard- ha, who knows?
Brown- okay chance
Princeton- same as harvard
Columbia- same as Brown
Stanford- Harvard
University of Pennsylvania- pretty good chance you'll get in
Cornell- I would say probs in, but again, you never really know.
WUSTL- probs in,
Oberlin- probs in
Northwestern- probs in
McGill- in,
Johns Hopkins- probs in</p>

<p>Int'l applicant and weaker SAT scores, all Ivy's are high reaches. The rest are a mix of reaches and matches.</p>

<p>hey, thanks for chancing me. i'm here to return the favour...
by now, i think u know that it is considerably harder for us canadians to get into the us.
you gpa is definitely potential ivy material (its not low but not high). you sat scores are, however, kinda low. I heard from a friend of mine currently attending cornell that us universities, especially the ivies, look at sat scores alot more for canadian students. this is because they are aware of the possibility of grade inflations and such in canada. personally, i dont think it is fair for the schools to regard the marks we have put so much sweat into with doubt and resignation... all in all, sat scores reign supreme when it comes to canadians going into the states...</p>

<p>keeping that in mind, i would say that harvard, princeton and stanford are really high reaches for u...(srry) </p>

<p>schools like penn, cornell, columbia, hopkins and brown, u have a shot at. but then again, those scores of urs are gonna hurt u.... after all, 50% of all admitted students to cornell have sat scores of over 2200 or something. us being canadians, i think we should have at least over 2300 to be safe...these schools in the middle echelon are the ones i'm looking at as u may have noticed...</p>

<p>i dont no bout the other schools but u'll get into mcgill for sure. so u have a safety and thats a good thing...</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>Yeah I know - I'd be so happy to get into Brown. In fact, if I get into both Harvard and Brown it would be a choice. Harvard has amazing opportunities but Brown is a better match. We shall see... only time will tell.</p>