Curious....what are my chances???

<p>I'm applying Early Action...I need some input....</p>

<p>I'm a senior (Asian-American girl) at a competitive private prep school in North Hollywood. Here are my stats:
SAT I: 750 in Math, 700 in Verbal (took it once)
SAT II: 780 in Math IIC, 800 in Chem, 750 in Writing, 760 in Physics
AP Tests: 5 in Calc BC, 5 in Chem, 5 in Physics B, 4 in English Lang
GPA: 4.2 (weighted)</p>

-piano: competed and performed at the local, state, national, and international levels; performed piano concertos 16 times with 13 different local and national orchestras; resident artist at the International Keyboard Festival in Banff, Canada; Grand Prize Winner of the Young Musicians Foundation National Debut Orchestra Competition, the Glendale Piano Competition, the Valley Cultural Center Scholarship Competition, the Korea Times Music Competition; Winner of the MTAC State Concerto Competiton, the Redland Bowl Competition, various local competitions; Finalist for the Peninsula International Concerto Competiiton, the Beethoven State Competition, the Bronislaw-Kaper Awards (the LA Phil Competition), and the Jefferson Symphony National Concerto Competition (taking place Jan 2005)
-flute/piccolo: 1st chair of school orchestra
-science research: writing a paper, student head of research group
-Community Service Music Group: leader/coordinator/founder --- a bunch of musicians from my school and outside of my school go throughout Southern California and perform at various convalescent homes and hospitals
-Chamber Music, outside-of-school orchestra, etc --- I do a lot of extra music stuff outside of school: lots of master classes, chamber groups (we even played on KMZT), lots of fundraisers, etc.</p>

<p>Thats it! I took the SAT this month...still waiting on my score...I wasn't feeling good that day, so I have no idea how it went.</p>

<p>mtac concerto compt? i was there this year! wut year were u there?</p>

<p>neway, you sound a lot like me, except i don't play at the national/state as often as i want to. to busy wit my other stuff. ur awards sound really impressive, and if ur majoring in music i think u have a fighting chance. good luck!</p>

<p>hey me too! do i know you? are you applying to harvard ED too?</p>

<p>wait sorry....not ED...SCEA...what was i thinking?</p>

<p>i have no clue wut SCEA means (still a junior) but ill certainly be going ED to harvard next year. Not sure if i know you personally, but i did watch the concert, and i'm guessing ur the guy/girl who won right? if you were, you sounded fantastic! i played in the PANAL exhibition though since i only got substitute this year :(</p>

<p>SCEA = Single Choice Early Action</p>

<p>okay...anyone else? </p>

<p>got my october score: (730V, 780M)....does that help?</p>

<p>isn't it amazing how the people here tend to know each other? it's almost incestuous.</p>