Curo - uga

HI. Does anyone know what to expect during the CURO ( Center of Undergraduate Research Opportunities ) selection days? My son has been selected and we would like to know what to expect and what they are looking for. Thanks in advance

Congrats to your son!

Here’s what I remember:

Sunday night - dessert reception. Student panel . Presentations by Dr Williams and head of CURO dept now Dr. Maria Navarro. Interviewees could ask the panel questions.

Monday- I think it was a group interview. The interviewees also attended some of the UGA student presentations.

About half of the interviewees were offered the CURO scholarship.

They have beefed up the program since my d graduated.

FYI- you can stack the CURO scholarship with other scholarships. Those invited to attend also are auto admitted to honors if they weren’t admitted on the first round.

PM me if you have any other questions.

how do I PM YOU SALLY?

Ah, you may not have posted enough to message. I’ll send you a message and see if it works.