Current Broadcast TV shows: what to watch/avoid? + discussion with spoilers

I saw a recap headline for Grey’s Anatomy on the Vulture site and it mentioned that you needed to have watched the Station 19 episode to get the full picture. I read the recap and will probably delete Grey’s from my DVR, rather than watch. I have been a faithful viewer, but it’s time for that show to pack up and leave. I know ABC sees it as a cash cow, but I am disappointed with this season.
I am also ready to give up New Amsterdam. Thank goodness for PBS - Grantchester, Call the Midwife and All Creatures Great & Small spread out help to offer some quality shows.

IMO, you really did not. They had some crossover characters, including Ben, but really, the dead patient was interchangeable with any other patient of.the week. It was certainly not as critical to see both episodes as it was when DeLuca died.

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Im sure it was really sad for the Station 19 fans but I had no idea who the guy was. Basically for me it was a Grey’s episode with unknown characters they don’t bother introducing.

@2VU0609 : you don’t need to watch Station 19 to follow Grey’s episode. Spoiler: a guy dies at the end of Station 19. He’s still dead in Grey’s Anatomy.
It was a pointless crossover (whereas the DeLuca story required you to watch both.)
I like Grantchester this season. As always, the pretty surroundings and classy exteriors belie a pretty ugly society.

I like the Minnesota story and hope they use that setting more as a change of pace from Seattle. Looking forward to their generic shots of the city and Mississipi river, Grant avenue, parks, etc., covered in snow or ice (being unironic -’ snow on The Twin cities’>“rain on Seattle”.)

You’re right, they probbaly want drama for Bailey, but that toddler needs to be with her grandparents.

Well, the “when” has been answered. That was quick.

With the new TV season starting, I’m bringing this back!
On the docket for me: Quantum Leap (next generation :p)
Have you watched any new show?
Or returned to an old favorite?

The 2 NCIS franchises that aired this week, the FBI and Chicago franchises, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, The Masked Singer. And it’s only Wednesday. :grin:


Watching Handmaid’s Tale and House of Dragons. Would like some new Ted Lasso.