Current Broadcast TV shows: what to watch/avoid? + discussion with spoilers

Do you watch TV?
Here’s a thread to discuss shows along their TV release. Hypotheses and “spoilers” to be expected after the show aired.

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This seems like a tricky needle to thread. First, by “spoilers”, I’m assuming you mean discussion of things that have already aired, but some viewers haven’t seen yet? As opposed to, insider knowledge of things that haven’t yet aired? I’ve seen the term used both ways. I’m guessing you mean the former.

At any rate, what if I’m caught up with one current series but just starting on another via on-demand, streaming, whatever? Do I just avoid this thread? I’m just saying, maybe it’s better to have a separate thread for individual current series that enough people are interested in, like we currently have for Ted Lasso, Survivor, and probably some others that I don’t follow.

Anyway, I do appreciate that you’ve started a thread to help address the things we were seeing in the “recommended” series thread (where comments were going beyond recommendations into discussion of the series as a whole), but I’m not quite sure how this would work. I hope that comes across the right way.


I agree. Unless you never want spoilers for ANY show, you are liable to stumble into the wrong show here. I’ll just avoid–I’m usually behind on shows and likely to run into the wrong spoiler here. I think threads for individual, very popular, shows would make more sense.

What shows do you watch? I’m usually so busy I try to avoid watching series so I don’t get sucked in, but when I find a good show I’m drawn in anyway. I liked Downton Abbey a lot but didn’t see it until after production had ceased. What are the popular shows now?

I was just thinking this thread could be about shows we watch, in general. Not binge watch nor consider the best ever but worth discussing. And thus if the episode was broadcast it’s fair game to discuss.
For instance, I would really like to discuss the evolution of the main characters in Line of Duty but I doubt a Line of Duty only thread would get much traction.
I think it’d also be good to have reviews of new shows as they appear, whether they’re worth investing time in, or not.
And finally, discussing new episodes of old shows, like Young Sheldon, Grey’s Anatomy, or whatever we picked up and are watching.
I am also keen on “college admission process depictions in TV shows” – I think this got its own thread but it got swallowed into the site years ago.
I have no idea what shows are popular right now, NCIS, Chicago police/firefighters? After Big Bang Theory ended, which sitcoms have become the most popular?
I don’t have much time for TV so I divide shows into “shows I can do something while watching” and “shows you have to pay attention to”. :joy:

None. The most watched are Young Sheldon and The Conners - neither of which is in the top 20, and perhaps coincidentally, the only 2 I watch.

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Others may feel differently but I feel like individual shows need separate threads. Juggling talking about MANY shows/spoilers within a thread sounds really cumbersome to read and sort through. I think I’d give up on the thread eventually sorting through what I want to read within a thread and trying to keep a conversation going on a particular show.

BUT I do enjoy the individual threads for shows I do watch!

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I think it depends on the popularity of the show. Some shows have very active posters. This Is Us being a good example. But every show does not need its own thread.

Whether this thread needs to exist as separate from the binge watch thread, IDK, but we can see how it goes.

Not that there is a line-in-the-sand delineation, but the binge watch thread seems to discuss mostly shows on streaming platforms, and @MYOS1634 seems to have started this thread for weekly network shows, particularly new ones now that the traditional season has begun.

So an example of a post here might be: Has anyone seen NCIS: Hawai’i? Is it worth it?

To which I would answer that I have seen it, and would not recommend. It seems simply a way to reuse the Hawaii 5-O sets, and the stories are subpar compared to the original. But full disclosure, as much as I admire the cast in NCIS: New Orleans, I hated that show and quickly stopped watching.

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Yes, I don’t know if this thread needs to exist. It’s mostly because the “binge watch” thread can’t deal with current shows and can’t have spoilers, so anything that isn’t show specific and is current could find a home on this thread…
Also, we’re at the start of a tv season and there are now 3 or 4 a year, so reviewing whatever youve watched and saving others time could be helpful. :wink:

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Any topic can exist, it’s up to the person who posts it. It’s not for me to say what is right or wrong on this forum. If no one is interested, the post will die away. That’s the way things work.

I’ve started watching Ordinary Joe, I’ve been finding it interesting. I don’t watch a ton of broadcast shows anymore, I have a few I enjoy.

It seems that I’m watching Bravo, PBS, and live sports on my tv right now.

But if anyone wants to discuss Masterpiece Theatre, I’m all ears. Been enjoying Grantchester that’s on right now. Or RHOBH :wink:

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Give the thread a go and that’s the best way to see if it works! :slight_smile:

Somebody mentioned NCIS—what a total mess. Gibbs is still in no-man’s land, is McGee leading the team, or are they shoving Gary Cole down our throats as the new Gibbs-like leader? What does this serial killer have to do with Navy/USMC crime?

I long for the episodes that start with “Dead petty officer/marine in Rock Creek Park…”

This HAS to be its last season.

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Mark Harmon is winding down from all reports and will not appear in all episodes this season. It may be a contract ploy, or it may be his true desire.

Any relation to the Navy to any storyline on any of the franchises is tangential at best nowadays - much like CC threads.:joy:

Given its strong ratings, I highly doubt this is the last year, with it without Gibbs.

I haven’t read any posts.

Are there any spoilers in this thread? I’d love to see a discussion about this, because I’m looking for good shows, and ones to avoid.

Should this title be edited? Was it supposed to say discussion without spoilers?

Basically, discussion about why you think a show is good or bad. Do you recommend the new season or the new show? Why or why not? And anything else.
Right now, it’s “why NCIS has become bad” :smiley:

I meant “with spoilers” ie., if you want to discuss a Monday show, come on Monday night/Tuesday to discuss the episode and don’t worry if someone didn’t watch it live.
For instance I watched episode 1 but not episode 2 in Grantchester, but since Grantchester 6.2 aired yesterday, it’s fairgame for anyone who wants to discuss it.

Each time show/episode can be labeled to help posters navigate?

We’ll try tonight with tonight’s shows, like Ordinary Joe (should I give it one more chance? Gave up halfway through episode 2), Big Leap, NCIS, and sitcoms.
Shows that don’t “deserve” their own threads because they don’t really have a faithful following but that might not kill braincells or that you might like even if they’re not top-quality :slight_smile:
If this doesn’t work, well, too bad, the thread will disappear into cybervoids.

I gave up on Ordinary Joe halfway through episode 2. Would you say it’s worth sticking with it?

Was the second episode of Ordinary Joe the one about 9/11? I thought the end was unexpected and I was sobbing. That episode was the one where I thought I’ll try this series.

Spoiler alert re Grantchester. Tom solved the murder, Gordie is 0 for how many episodes :grin:

The real Law & Order is coming back. I’ve seen all the episodes a zillion times, but I never got into all the spinoffs, so I’m looking forward to the original coming back.

I watched NCIS on Netflix up to the last episode they had (I think it was season 15 or 16) but then never picked it up on the air. Also didn’t like any of the spinoffs. Maybe I just don’t like commercials?

When and with whom nobody knows. Anthony Anderson says he was approached. With Black-ish in its final season, he’ll have some free time. As will Sam Waterston if they ever finish filming the last season of Grace & Frankie. Of the other main cast from the final season, S. Epatha Merkerson is attached to Chicago Med, both Jeremy Sisto and Alana de la Garza are on FBI, and Linus Roache is - well, who cares :grin:

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Oh I didn’t expect the people to be the same as they were always changing anyway (not good job security to be the female DA on L&O as they were always getting killed off/run off)

My favorite cast was from the first season. I much preferred Ben Stone to Jack McCoy, and who didn’t love Chris Noth before he became Mr. Big?