Current Commuter & Ross BBA '27 - Ask Me Anything

Hello everyone! I am a current freshman at Umich Ross and also one of the very few freshman commuters at Umich. I figured my perspective could be used to help anyone applying or considering a similar path to me- please feel free to ask me anything and I will reply as fast as possible

How is it parking on campus? I am applying for winter transfer and would commute this semester if admitted. Is it generally easy to find a spot that makes it easy to get to class?

Hello! I used the buymyspot system at to rent a spot from a local landlord, so I get a guaranteed spot behind their complex year-round. It’s not the cheapest option (~$132/mo for me), but I am within a 5 minute walk of the Big House and Central Campus whenever I need my car. there is almost never free parking available around the area so I am glad I rent- can’t speak for the northern part of central campus, though.

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North campus has parking at the dorms etc but it’s so easy just to take the bus and walk. I think there are car parking passes to get.

Parking passes are only sold to upperclassmen. I think there is a ‘student storage’ option open to all grades, but from what I’ve heard, this is a lot far from campus that is not within walking distance (meant to just store cars for emergencies).

Permit Parking - Logistics, Transportation & Parking.

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