Current Cornell Freshman Answering Questions

<p>Any questions?</p>

<p>I'm applying as a transfer student for Fall '13, and all I hear is how a major part of the admission decision is based on if you seem like a "good fit." What on earth does that really mean?</p>

<p>How do you go number two in the bathrooms? They're always so disgusting. Do you just squat/hover or do you actually sit down after layering the seat in toilet paper?</p>

<p>Even if toilet seats are clean, I always lay a nest in public bathrooms.</p>

<p>I don't understand why they don't just provide seat covers. The janitors only clean like twice a week, and they do a spotty (pun intended) job.</p>

<p>I'm not even sure they clean the showers. They might, but only once per week. Which leads me to question number two... How do you shower?</p>

<p>how far away are you from civilization?
what's there to do?
freshmen are allowed cars?
school spirit?</p>

What's PSB? And yeah, I'm in Dickson. -.-;</p>

<p>Dickson is not bad, especially if you have a single. It's our family dorm, all of our kids (including extended cousins) have all stayed there.</p>

<p>Saugus - so how do you find it so far? Student quality, course difficulty, party scene...meeting your expectation?</p>

<p>Any academic or admissions questions???</p>