Current events for interviews ?

<p>Hello, fellow high school students or college students. I was looking at some of the possible interview questions for Early medical school program interviews, and I came across the fact that being up to date with current topics is very important. My question is do you guys have any suggestions/sites that I contain upto date health care/ and other medical related topics ?</p>

<p>I really appreciate your help. Thank you.</p>

<p>Current events in health care/medicine?
Health</a> News - The New York Times
You're not going to get any questions about specifics about any of the current events you can read about here, but you will certainly get brownie points if you actually do have an interest and understanding about some of the topics frequently discussed there and can bring it up and talk about them during the interview. Remember most of these interviews are guided by you as much as they are by the interviewer, at least that was my experience.</p>

<p>Other than that, you should DEFINITELY know about the recent health care bill, at least in a general manner, and be able to present your views or thoughts on that, because that is a topic I know some interviewers will ask.</p>

<p>yea, thanks johnstoops for the sound advice.</p>

<p>D. went to many interviews, never had questions about current events. Interviews were the easiest part of whole process, besides traveling, hotels etc. The most important according to her was to relax and be yourself, never pretend. They care about your personality, communication skills, fitting into their specific academic environment much more than any type of knowledge or ability to learn you might posses which is reflected in your stats.</p>

<p>hmm, miamidap, i think you know a great deal, but I would have to disagree with you about the interview. Maybe, for her the interview was the easiest part-but that is DEFINETLY not true for everyone. I cannot speak from personal experience, but my sister had a RICE/BAYLOR interview about 4 years ago. They did care about personality/communication skills, but I think that understanding the status quo is crucial to portray these skills. You dont need to memorize the health care bill, but understanding the significance of it and understanding how it may affect the profession in the future is probably important, right? It just demonstrates that you can do more than memorize/understand chemistry/bio/math concepts in SAT tests. Also, R/B's interviews include some challenging questions including medical history(basic stuff), medical ethics, and probably even current events.</p>

<p>@MiamiDAP- It seems that every person who gets interviewed for these programs, etc. seems to have an enjoyable conversation so they think they have done well. Based on your experience can you tell me how, with so many applicants, most with decent interviews, is it possible to distinguish yourself and get chosen for the available seats in the programs? </p>

<p>@ratchutuni- where did you find interview questions for the bs or ba/md early med school assurance program? And to attempt to answer your question, from what I understand, you should have some sort of answer to prepare for a question like "what's wrong with our healthcare system?"</p>

<p>I really cannot answer "how, with so many applicants, most with decent interviews, is it possible to distinguish yourself' based on D's experience. She said she had a great time even at one interview that lasted almost whole working day, including lunch! She got into 3 programs, all at state schools. According to what I am reading, it seems that interviews are different from school to school. I was almost 90% sure that D. has completely goofed one of them and went a little too far with notion of being herself. Boy, I was wrong, guess where she is now? Yes, this one. She was asked question and was confused about it, so she asked interviewer the vocabulary meanning of one of the words (common one too) included in interviewer's question. When I heard that, I almost flipped. Apparently, being herself and natural outweigh even goof like this, or maybe they appreciated her honesty. She never tried distiguish herself anyhow. She was accepted to all programs that she was interviewed (3), but one of them had 3 interviews at each UG in a program.</p>

<p>@breaker746 - sorry for the late reply,but I went on the Student doctor's network and University of Colorado has 100's of questions for medical school interviews. just google 100 medical school interview practice questions and it should pop up</p>