Current experiences with Marymount Manhattan

Curious if anyone has any current experience with the musical theater BFA from Marymount Manhattan. Would you recommend the program?

I am wondering the same thing. Any insight on their program?

I am wondering the same. My Son is looking into the summer program there.

When we toured almost two years ago they said they placed equal importance on math and science classes and BFA classes which didn’t work for us as D was looking for a conservatory experience (for Acting).

My niece just graduated in May 2028.

She is working as a high paid waitress in a fancy nyc restaurant and auditioning.

She loved it. She’s had some off broadway roles and offers for touring and cruise lines etc.

She is sticking with the nyc focus and is having a ball. She needed dance focused training to round out her skills and found plenty of resources while there.

She did complain a bit about having to pay for her head shots and some performance of vocals tape, since the school has these facilities.

Also they did help find agent. In the end it was good for her but it’s a lot of work and not as glamorous as it sounds. Unless you are uniquely talented. She found out when she got to school just how many awesome performers and vocalists there are in the world.

In the end she feels like it was good training. She was able to get other skills and education in traditional subjects too. Ultimately hoping to perform for her 20s and get into the business part of it longer term.

She felt it was excellent for both.

Was just there this past weekend for D’s audition. At the info session, they made it clear that it was not a conservatory but I wouldn’t say 50/50 training/ academic. Definitely a heavy lean towards the training. More than 50% of requried credits are in training and of the balance, a good chunk are in theater related academics (like writing,history of , etc.) Yes they did mention you still ahve to take a math and science class but it’s not to the extent of a non BFA major at most schools. They laid out the schedule and stated Freshman yr is MWF 9 -6 in all theater training classes (dance, vocal, acting, etc.) Tu Th are for academic classes and practice.

We were impressed with their audition process compared to several others. They actually had a workshop format where they divide kids into groups and everyone sits in the room while each kid auditions. The instructor gives pointers and coaches throughout the process. “That’s lovely, now let me hear you sing it like this…” They emphasized they wanted the kids to get a sense of the actual class experience at Marymount. The rest D’s auditioned at have been a lot of sitting around and waiting for your 15 minutes of singing / monolougues and some dance calls.

They use the resources of NYC quite well and have plenty of engagement with the theater community. Overall very impressed

@rickle1 thank you so much for your update and letting us know about your D’s experience. This school is on my son’s short list and he is interested in their summer program as well. Best of luck to her!!

My son heard back from this past weekends auditions and is waitlisted. Not sure what his chances are…We’ll keep our fingers crossed

@tripletmom02 fingers crossed for you son. Has he heard from other schools? How has his experience been?

My D is a current MMC MT BFA freshman. I can confirm what a previous person said about the curriculum. In her first year she has taken; daily dance, 45 minutes private voice once a week, fundamentals of musical theatre, acting, stage craft, medieval New York ( history), writing and math. I think the training is very good and she seems pleased with her growth as an artist. It is a larger class compared to some other college’s MT programs but they seem to have small individual class sizes. My D has also become very adept at being in NYC.

Hi @Karamiles my D is academically accepted but unfortunately placed on the WL for BFA MT at Marymount Manhattan College. D is in love and enjoyed her campus audition. We visited the day of the audition but we only saw the main building; the Starbuck’s; some classrooms the library and additional dining area. Not sure if doing an accepted student day is helpful or even allowed if she is on the waitlist? May I ask a few questions in the meantime? Re: the “day to day” campus life and how exactly it works? I was hoping you can elaborate further and how much should we budget yearly for “transportation” daily if she lives in the MMC dorm. We understand that the daily dance classes are off-campus, where exactly? Trying to understand what is on-campus is that only the General Education Classes and the Main Stage Theatre? Are there practice rooms and dance studios?. She understands that the dorms are a distance off campus but how does it work do they walk or is there a campus bus/shuttle discount assuming it is only a public transportation system or regular public subway? How much should we allow for “classroom travel expenses” and we do understand the voice lessons is extra +$3200/yr and it can be anywhere in the city? We are just trying to make sure she understands the city-wide campus concept and we do understand the expenses of what it will entail. Thank you so very much!!

My DD was waitlisted for the Dance BFA - Jazz. Do you know more about what this means? How likely is it to get a full acceptance/ when they let you know? I know your DD was musical theater but thought you might have some insight. My DD lives in Manhattan. the subway system is easy to use - you just have to get out there and practice - giving extra time to get where you need to be if its at a specific time (allowing for delays). I don’t know if you can get a discount through MM but DD gets a weekly pass (I think its just under 35 dollars ) for unlimited rides. She could do a month pass and save a few dollars but if she lost it that would be a pain. Even if there is a school bus to get her to college she will need a subway pass (also can be used for city busses). Walking from the dorms to the College everyday would be quite a hall but doable when wanted to or needed. Good luck to getting of the waitlist! Any info I’d appreciate.

Thanks, @mom4dance back in December my D received an email in her portal and a letter that came in the mail. For Musical Theatre it said, “we will hope to have a waitlist status update for you by mid-April, but cannot guarantee a final waitlist decision until after May 1.” Good Luck and sending positive vibes to your D as well!

Hi @PrettySharpMom - My D was accepted off of the WL last April ( in the last week )She went to accepted student day while she was on the WL and continued to express interest. I’m not sure if that helped but I don’t think it hurt. I also told her later I was at a parent meeting and marched right up to one of the guys running the program and introduced myself as a mom of a WL student. He very quickly said that he didn’t anticipate going to the WL this year - which I guess wasn’t true.

My D has settled into the day to day life nicely. She has dance from 9-10:30 everyday. I think that includes 2 days of ballet and then tap & jazz ( I think ). She takes the subway to her dance studios. One is on 60th St and the other on Central Park West in the 70s. Her voice teacher is near Carnegie Hall. Dance is taken with the same group of students everyday. She purchases a monthly metro card - I think it is about $120/month. The dorm is about a 20 minute walk from the 71st St campus. She usually either walks or takes the bus ( uptown on 3rd Ave and downtown on 2nd) The cafeteria is at the 71st St campus but there is a place in the dorm to buy some food and there is a kitchen in her suite. She has one roommate and there is another room with 2 girls in her suite. They all share the kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom appears to have been renovated recently. My daughter makes a little extra money on the side babysitting on the Upper East Side which pays about $20/hr. Overall, she is enjoying her freshman year. She auditions a lot and though she hasn’t been cast yet in a mainstage, she did get close. There are also directing projects that kids are cast in. They aren’t supposed to audition for professional work but my D has auditioned for a few. I think it keeps her focused. She says her acting has improved the most so far. They read a lots of plays. All of the acting and other classes are at the 71st St campus.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi @Karamiles thank you so very much this is all really helpful and hopeful for D who is on the WL! It’s still early in the process and she has a few other BFA offers but her heart is set on MMC after visiting twice. Did you attend on a regular accepted student date or is there a separate MT date? Thanks again. ?

@PrettySharpMom I am not sure if it was a specific MT accepted student day. They separated the students from the parents. For the students there was a boat trip around Manhattan and a field trip to the dorm on 55th St. The parents got different things - including an info session with the MT/acting faculty. I’m pretty sure we received a postcard invitation to the event and that it took place in early April.

Hi @Karamiles, I just found this discussion and am so glad I did. For voice, you mentioned that her teacher is near Carnegie Hall. Who are the voice teachers and how are they assigned to each student?

@busymtmom They had a vocal placement time during the first week of school and were placed with a teacher after that. My D really loves her teacher. I am not sure if there is a list anywhere. Maybe with all her free time now I’ll see if she will hop on this page to answer any questions.