Current/Former FIT Students

Is it normal to take 7-8 classes in one semester?

I got in the 1 year AAS program and turns out I have a lot of catching up to do. I’m trying to take as many classes and winter/summer sessions as much as possible. Will it be difficult to handle? I’m currently a freshman in college and I usually take around 5 3-credit classes each semester.

Take 5 classes in the spring & fall, and then 2 classes in the winter and summer. If you’re missing any Gen Ed classes, take the easier ones at a community college this summer.

The design program is very intense, and taking 7-8 classes requires deans approval.

Also, if you se that one year is too short, you can call and ask to be placed in the 2yr program instead. Quality over Quantity! You don’t want to lose good information because you were trying to rush!

I’m a One Year FBM Major this year too, but I’m more calm because I took gen ed classes in my community college that I transferred from. I only have to take 4 classes for the fall and 6 for the spring. Don’t rush, but it would have been better to take Gen Ed classes before you transfer