Current Hendrix College Parents or Prospective Parents: Impressions?

Wondering if there are any parents of current students/recent graduates of Hendrix College? Wondering your impressions on the 2-3 major benefits and the 2-3 major drawbacks of choosing Hendrix. We visiting recently and were very impressed by the new President, the professors, career services, and Odyssey Program. We were there on a Saturday and observed so few current students and were wondering if they are enrolled to capacity, etc.

Not a parent of a current or recent student, but Hendrix was suggested to my daughter by a friend who went there. We didn’t officially visit the campus but did drive through it when we were passing through (we do that a lot with colleges). We saw quite a few students on that weekday. It was around lunch because we discussed whether to eat there or in Little Rock. In researching the school, Hendrix is SMALL - about half the size of D’s high school, which automatically turned her off. It’s small size may just make it seem like there weren’t students there. Or, maybe there was a really cool event in Little Rock (which is not too far away) that drew a lot of kids out of town for a few hours.

It’s hard to chose benefits vs. drawbacks. The small size is a major drawback for D, but that might be a huge benefit for your child. I will say that, from what I saw, it is a beautiful campus in an area that is close to mid-size city amenities. As a parent, I liked that. I also have to admit that while she has scratched it off her list, I’ve kept it on our unofficial possible college spreadsheet. Just in case she changes her mind. :slight_smile:

Benefits: Odyssey, nice campus, nice 2nd year housing (“village”)
Drawbacks: relatively isolated, avoid “party dorm” (guys),

This is why visiting is so important. Every one has very different impressions.

We visited and were not impressed at all. Didn’t find the campus appealing. Least attractive if all schools we’ve visited. They seem to have a drainage issue and really need to resod many areas of campus. Found the dorms and many academic buildings rather drab and in need of serious renovation. The new student center was, however, very nice. Quirky students. Also felt that it’s a school that caters to athletes, especially football. Strong academics though.

Wasn’t a good fit for my D, and solidified for her that she didn’t want a small liberal arts school.

We just returned from a visit and were impressed with every aspect of the school. Loved the campus/ architecture, people were very friendly, cafeteria food was fabulous, great athletic facilities, strong academics. I agree, we didn’t see many students out and about on Saturday morning either, but by the time we had a late lunch in the student center it was getting busy. We also attended an afternoon lacrosse game and baseball game and the games were very well attended. The admissions rep told us they are expecting enrollment to be at capacity for the fall.