Current Kelley freshman. Ask me anything!

Pretty sure you can take honors kelley classes if you’re in HHC

My D got an email about housing. Can anyone provide information on if it’s necessary to sign up for housing before she makes her decision? I know some schools just requires a $50 non-refundable deposit to guarantee on campus housing.

She’s in Kelley. Is there a dorm that is closest to all the Kelley buildings? Which dorm will considered the best dorm?

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McNutt may be the closest to Kelley, but Briscoe, Wright, Teter, and some of the USC buildings aren’t a bad walk. I personally think Teter is the prettiest because it’s renovated and the interior is beautiful. They have really nice study areas and somewhat private showers.

I live at USC right now because I want apartment-style living. It’s nice but I feel like they charge too much for what we are given.

Hi! My son just got admitted to Kelley a couple of days ago… he is very torn between Kelley and Penn State (us too!) both great schools, and comparable in cost… we are from NY so only advantage of PSU is it is within driving distance from home… he wants to take up accounting… any words of wisdom? We know a few kids from our HS that are at Kelley right now and they are thriving, but wanted to hear your thoughts/tips to consider? Thank you!

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Rankings aren’t everything but Kelley as an accounting program that is #4 in the nation while penn states accounting program is #21. It is a good indicator of the program. He should also compare the different classes he would get to take and the different things that each school does that could benefit him. Making a pros and cons list for each school would also help him realize which school he likes. To choose between one or the other, he has to find which one he least likes and he can do that by looking at the cons. This will help me not like one of the schools as much and also help him like the other more. These are the things I plan to do when I hear back from the rest of my schools.

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Thank you- yes we def have started a list of pros and cons and what you say makes total sense! was also hoping some of the current Kelley students on this thread can share some personal experiences :slight_smile: good luck to you as well as you wait to hear from other schools! Such an exciting process!

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IU has very strong connections with Big 4 accounting firms and I they are top Kelley employers. Can’t really speak to Penn State, but those rankings are pretty arbitrary and I think you’d be successful at either place.


There’s a common misconception that you can choose specific dorms, but you actually can only preference 1 of 3 “neighborhoods”. Northwest is near Kelley and is the fratty/social area, Central is the best overall location and is a good balance of everything, and Southeast should generally be avoided since it’s going to be so far from your classes

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Thank you for those suggestions. But Is there a disadvantage to choosing housing in April decisions are made? I know at some schools, admitted students make a housing deposit to ensure they can get on campus housing (even if they haven’t decided which college to attend yet). Is this necessary at Indiana?

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Thank you!

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If one of the current students would be so kind as to chime in, we were wondering how a few things are going since covid struck. Were/are there any dining halls shut down or hours restricted due to lack of employees? Has there been a change in the food at the dining halls (i.e. certain stations or takeout options gone)? Have you had trouble finding dining services open that fit with your schedule, or that the meal plans are the same money but have fewer options now? Has it been difficult to get an appointment at student health services? Filling prescriptions? Being seen at CAPS? Getting into the rec center to work out? Has there been push back from students regarding masking in class, etc.? I’m reading many schools are having some of the above issues. D will be attending Kelley DA day but sometimes it is hard to get honest answers during those. TIA! You have been a wealth of information and we really appreciate it!

Not a current student but my S22 is also going to attend Kelley direct admit day next month so interested to see answers to your questions! Also if you haven’t already, try to join the Kelley parents fb page. I joined and there is a wealth of info there! They all seem so nice, helpful but also honest!


TY, will check out the FB page. Just going to ask these same questions of all the schools D is really interested in…so she is not embarrassed by my badgering on a tour. (I found answers to some of these questions on the Penn State page-I see above your S is weighing that option also.)

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In previous years, housing preferences were given to those who applied earliest, but for my class they gave you an equal chance if you sent in the app before May 1 so check the website.

Food courts have been very understaffed which is why you may have seen parents complaining about long wait times. For the spring semester theyve closed a few low-traffic locations to move employees to other areas that are more popular. Eventually, everyone figures out their favorite spots that balance location, food preferences, etc. Havent needed CAPS or health center services so cant touch on that. Rec center is usually pretty crowded. Students are largely compliant with masks and I havent seen many issues with that.

Overall, I don’t think my experience has been all too bad considering the restrictions that are still in place. I’ve been able to use most of IU’s resources and I don’t think COVID protocols should be too much of a concern.


Appreciate your response!

Got it! Thank you!

Hi All, Reading the Kelley parent group’s FB threads and previous CC threads on courses at Kelley, I’m pretty concerned about the large number of posts surrounding the Finite and Calc. classes. Seeing weed-out discussions (like above where it is suggested most kids just transfer in Finite), to the seemingly large number of kids needing tutors and finding the IU tutoring lacking (thus paying for external tutoring), to re-taking these classes (C- grades) at a school called Ivy Tech (?community college in IN) or just preemptively taking these classes at Ivy Tech. Chatter from current parents was they may stop allowing these math class transfers from Ivy Tech, but without fixing teaching issues present in the math program. Anyone know what the freshman-junior retention rate for Kelley is? Not looking for a lecture on how Kelley expects a lot and what a weed out class accomplishes as I am aware of that. But I’ve had 2 other kids go through college and there weren’t any classes that they were suggested to just take elsewhere. D needs to work over the summer to contribute to costs, not be preemptively taking classes at another college (we are OOS). Can anyone shed any light on this? Ex. a parent said they met w/the head of the math dept. and was told there wasn’t a calc teacher they could recommend in the class times available. Hmmm TIA!


Ah yes, the Kelley Facebook page…where parents make posts looking for tutors for their adult children…

Anyways, IU’s math department has a reputation for being pretty bad. I can’t think of one Finite/Calc professor that has a reputation of being “good.” As such, kids who are looking to maximize their GPA freshman year will take Finite and/or Calc at Ivy Tech. If it’s within your budget, I can’t recommend doing this enough. Coursework is objectively easier there and you’re given tools that aren’t permitted at IU, like being able to use a calculator in Finite. Also, as long as you get a C in the class, it will transfer in as credit toward your class without affecting your GPA, similar to an AP class.

If you’re concerned about not developing foundational skills for other classes, don’t be. Unless you do a STEM minor, the only math knowledge you’ll need in higher-level classes is basic algebra. And, while it’s very possible to be successful in the class at IU, there’s little to no reason to do it on campus. If you think you can sacrifice a few hours per week of your summer, it’ll save you a huge headache later on. I’ve heard through the grapevine that they might be doing away with this “loophole” of sorts as well and I wouldn’t be surprised, given that they’ve done the same thing for 3 other classes in the last year. Hopefully you all get to take advantage of this.


Yes… THAT fb page lol. Thanks again for your quick reply! It’s definitely food for thought.