Current Pitt Parents...dining

Is the food as horrible as D keeps hearing and reading from others? Have your on campus kiddos had a bad experience this year? Would love to hear feedback. Thanks.

Since no one has answered, I’ll jump in. I have had two kids attend Pitt. One graduated in 2020, the other is currently a junior. My junior son is living off campus which is why you need to take what I write with a bit of caution.

Both of my kids really disliked the food when they lived in the dorms. Last year (2020-2021), the school hired a new food service vendor and there was hope. There were lots of plans for improvement but unfortunately covid derailed most of it. There was a lot of complaining about the food last year, more than prior years it seemed, but it’s hard to tell how much was attributable to covid restrictions. I have not heard nearly the same amount of complaining this year. I don’t know if that means it improved or maybe anything is better than last year.

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Pitt parent of freshman. Sense I get is it’s ok for food service.
She has said for swipe locations Perch is better than Eatery.
She likes having options of 1 exchange per day and the dining dollars. Yes there have been outages in supply and staffing, likely covid related.

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Appreciate the feedback!