Current Scripps/5c Student

Hello everyone, I know this can be a stressful time of year for high school seniors and parents, especially for those considering ED. I’m a current Scripps student and I would be happy to answer any questions about life or academics at Scripps or in the consortium.

Hi! I have a scripps interview tomorrow (off-campus), and I was wondering if you had an interview? If yes, what questions would they ask & what was your experience like?

I did interview! I also did an off campus interview with a current student who worked in the admissions office. I don’t know if you’ve done other interviews but most of the other ones I’d done at that point had been more conversational. My Scripps interviewer kind of went down a sheet with a series of questions–most were the typical interview questions along the lines of hobbies, classes, why Scripps, etc, but I also was asked if I had an unlimited amount of money what business or organization I’d start, and what if I could tell my future roommate one thing about me what it would be.

Good luck! Hopefully this wasn’t too late. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Is the 3:2 program for engineering worth it? And are there many that choose do be a part of that program?

I’m not an engineering student so I can’t really speak to this. One of my roommates is considering doing the 3:2 program and attending Columbia after undergrad, which is one of the few options for the masters programs. I haven’t encountered many people who are doing the 3:2 program but I’m also not a STEM person so my sample may be off. STEM as a whole is very popular though, and known to be pretty rigorous at the 5c’s. I’ve definitely met a lot of people from Mudd who are engineering majors, as one would expect.

Hi! My daughter got in ED and is asking for a MacBook for Christmas—so she’ll have it for scripps. Do most scripps students have chrome books or MacBooks or? Seems like a cheaper laptop would be better for all the carrying around etc. thanks!

Hi @ladyconstellation Thanks for doing this! Our D is just a junior, but is considering women’s colleges. We toured Scripps, which is beautiful, and D felt that that the AO’s talking points resonated with her. We did not see many students, however. Can you describe the Scripps vibe, and type of woman that attends, if possible. Thanks!

@curioustoad , this is late, but my D is in her second year and has a macbook. She used a mac in HS so just continued, but with a new one. I would check with the school, dept she is planning on majoring in to see what the computer requirements are. In general, Math, Science and STEM majors tend to use PC’s while others use macs. Congratualtions to your D.

@curioustoad very sorry for the late response and this may not be relevant anymore but the vast majority of people I know at Scripps and the 5cs have macbooks. That being said, for most intents and purposes I’m sure a chromebook would also be fine

@havenoidea also very sorry for the late response, but hopefully it’ll still be useful. Since coming to Scripps I’ve met some of the most passionate, driven and intelligent people. This is definitely pretty standard within the 5cs but I think that Scripps particularly has a really amazing collaborative and non-competitive culture. People here work really hard academically, but academics aren’t their entire life–most have a pretty robust set of extracurricular activities. I think that something people who come to Scripps share is this desire for academic rigor in an environment that centers women and non-cis-male people. Something that I also think is important to note is that the environment promotes a pretty strong sense of individualism which results in some level of clique-iness. That being said, I’ve never had anyone here be unkind to me, but friendliness isn’t the overarching default. All of this said, I think that Scripps/the 5cs is a really great academic fit for me and a really amazing school/consortium.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I’d be happy to answer and I’ll do my best to keep up with this thread in the future!

as an addendum to my last comment, I mentioned this to some friends and most feel like the culture here is pretty friendly and that people are generally very approachable and I definitely agree with the latter

does anyone know if Scripps suspending school indefinitely will affect the notification date?

Hi, does anyone know about Scripps’s undergraduate pre-med?

Can a current student tell me more about how freshman housing works? I heard on a webinar that you can’t submit a preference and most housing is triples for freshman. Can you request a double?

Most freshmen are in triples. Maybe a fifth are in doubles and a small number of people have singles for medical reasons. I knew of one person that requested a double after moving in and was able to get it easily, but I don’t think that’s super common.

The housing application allows you to put in info about your sleep schedule, cleanliness, and other relevant habits as well as a brief blurb about yourself. You can opt out of the roommate selection process if you and another student(s) request each other on the form.

Hopefully that cleared things up, but let me know if you have any other questions!

To my knowledge there is no pre-med major but there is a pre-med track that goes through Keck science. There seems to be a lot of advising available for pre-med students at Scripps.

hi, would you say there are people who are outgoing/work hard play hard? I am considering scripps but the all-women aspect & small campus make me a bit worried about the (lack of) party scene and dating life which are 2 things I plan on getting involved in at college.

@crisprr my answer would be a BIG yes. I’m not a huge partier and have definitely found people like me in that regard but I would say that probably a majority of people at Scripps and definitely at the 5cs fall into the work hard/play hard camp. Scripps is a historically women’s college, as you know, but the consortium makes it so that students from all five schools are in every dining hall, in most classes, and on every campus almost all of the time. While the needs of non-male ppl and students are definitely centered at Scripps, going to Scripps is essentially a co-ed experience aside from the dorms. That being said, I do think many people form their core friend group from people in their dorm/on campus so take of that what you will.

While Scripps doesn’t throw a ton of big parties, there is usually one big 5c party every Saturday night off of Scripps’ campus but open to Scripps students. These big parties are themed, funded, and organized by the student governments which is definitely a unique aspect of 5c party culture. Additionally, there are various smaller parties basically every night of the weekend (Thurs-Sat). All of this is to say that I wouldn’t worry about a lack of party culture, because it is definitely very present for those who are interested.

Lastly, dating. If you are interested in men there are many at the 5cs. (Just to clarify, if you haven’t visited, the 5 colleges are essentially one medium-sized campus–the largest separation between adjacent schools is a street. All 7 dining halls are open to all students for every meal. Students take as many or as few classes as they want on their home campus–course registration as a Scripps student for a Pomona class, for example, is exactly the same as for a Scripps class. Aside from the institution that you receive your diploma from and the campus you live on, the 5cs are one school for most intents and purposes.) The gender ratio is pretty skewed across the 5cs which I have noticed has an effect on power dynamics in the dating/hookup scene, if that makes sense.

Hopefully that cleared some things up, but let me know if you have any more questions! I know it must be super hard to make this choice during these circumstances, but I wish you the best of luck and I’m glad you’re considering Scripps!

Hi! super last minute Q but do Scripps dorms have AC?

Can Scripps students major/minor/take courses in CS?