Current Student at UMich: Ask me anything!

Hey all,

I’m a current sophomore studying neuroscience at UMich LSA, but intend to switch to School of Information with a Ross minor. Ask me anything regarding classes, student life, etc.

Current temperature?

Best mode of transportation: Bike, Car, or Legs?

The current temperature is 28 degrees which is below the freezing point!

The best mode of transportation is usually walking for shorter distances and the bus for going between campuses, but some students also choose to have a bike. The only problem with that is that you might not have a place to store it in the winter. Upperclassmen who live in apartments may bring a car to campus since some apartments come with parking spots.

Who is more hated: MSU or OSU?

Good question! Both are super big games when it comes to football. Depending on whether students are in-state or out-of-state may play a big role, but I’d probably say OSU.

What’s the international transfer student acceptance rate

I’m not too sure about the exact percent, but there are definitely quite a few international students on campus and I definitely have international student friends. I would shoot my shot regardless.