Current students/grads/parents - input needed

My son is currently trying to figure out where to spend the next four years. One of his choices is UMaine. He has the option of Honors College, which we are a bit hesitant about as he will be a civil engineering major. Any input on the Honors program would be appreciated, especially from any engineering majors.

Also looking for input on the social scene. What do kids do on weekends? Is it a big party school? We’ve heard it is. What is a typical student at UMaine like? Specifically in freshman year, how are the intro classes? Do you feel like your professors know you? Do they do anything to help ensure kids don’t fall through the cracks? Do you feel like there is a lot of academic support available? Any info you can provide about the school/engineering program, pros and cons, would be greatly appreciated!!

@taverngirl did your son decide? Seems D21 is looking at a couple of the same schools!

@NJwrestlingmom No, sigh, but he did decide it won’t be UMaine. The Honors college is very heavy reading and writing, and while he mostly enjoys writing and has natural talent for it, he does not really enjoy reading. And I think he was nervous that it would add too much to his workload. Not really sure why he didn’t consider just going the non honors route, but I’m not dwelling on that because he had to cull his list down anyway. Right now it’s between Quinnipiac and Clarkson. I think QU currently has the edge.