current students...How is the campus?

<p> I got the 20k/year engineering scholarship from UMich, still waiting on something from Duke and Berkeley...but there's a high chance I might end up @ Michigan. I wanted to know some stuff from current cold does it get? Does it really snow a lot? If so, is it really that bad/you get used to it?</p>

<p>Also how is the campus? The athletic facilities (gyms and stuff)? Engineering buildings are cool?</p>

<p>The campus is great. The Engineering buildings are state-of-the-art. Each Engineering speciality has its own building and they are all next to each other. The Engineering campus also has the media center (a sort of high-tech library), the commons (the equivallent of a student union) and the North Campus Recreation Building (which contains a running track, a weight lifiting faciluty, a pool, basketball courts etc..). Central Campus has all of the same stuff...only more of it! Central Campus and the Engineering (North) Campus are connected by a free, safe and very frequent university bus system. And Ann Arbor is also awesome. The city has lots of quaint little streets with awesome restaurants of all types, cafes, bookstores and funky little boutiques. The city's population is very highly educated and remarkably diverse/cosmopolitan. The campus and city mix together perfectly. </p>

<p>The winters are cold, long and snowy. However, if an Arab who lived his whole life in a desert could handle the cold and have a great time, anybody can make it.</p>

<p>Congratulations on your scholarship. Attending Michigan for a mere $25,000/year is a great bargain. In fact, it is an bargain impossible to refuse.</p>

<p>Yeah man, I understand what you're saying. I just feel bad that I have to turn down Duke, especially when I got in this year - they had record # of applicants too...</p>


<p>Does anyone have any links or pics to Michigan's engineering as well as fitness centers?</p>

<p>Michigan and Duke are pretty much equal. Yes, Duke is harder to get into, but is it worth paying $100,000 more just to brag that you got into a more selective (not better or certainly not more prestigious) university?</p>

<p>Here are some pictures and a map of North Campus:</p>

<p>Michigan</a> Engineering | North Campus Tour</p>

<p>And here is a link to the various gyms:</p>

<p>Facilities:</a> U-M Department of Recreational Sports</p>

<p>Facilities:</a> U-M Department of Recreational Sports</p>

<p>Facilities:</a> U-M Department of Recreational Sports</p>

<p>Applicants-wise, Michigan had a record number this year as well!</p>

<p>So any way you spin it, you're still just as smart!</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat. Got the same scholarship, now deciding between a couple private colleges and UMich... </p>

<p>I visited the campus during the summer (July) on an official tour and during the winter (November) to see the engineering campus, since we were in the area anyway, and I loved it both times. The engineering buildings are SO neat and very modern. It doesn't feel like an underground chemistry lab in the buildings, like at Northwestern.</p>

<p>People always remind me of the cold weather in Michigan whenever I tell them I am considering UMich... So I guess the miserable weather is well-known. :P I think you would get used to it, though... I'm from Nebraska, so it really wouldn't be that drastic of a change for me.</p>