Current students/recent grads/parents - input needed

My son is currently trying to figure out where to spend the next four years. One of his choices is Quinnipiac.

Also looking for input on the social scene. What do kids do on weekends? Is it a big party school? What is a typical student at Quinnipiac like? Specifically in freshman year, how are the intro classes? Do you feel like your professors know you? Do they do anything to help ensure kids don’t fall through the cracks? Do you feel like there is a lot of academic support available? Any info you can provide about the school/engineering program, pros and cons, would be greatly appreciated!!

From other posts, it looks like your son has completed a semester at Quinnipiac. Can you address any of the questions in your original post based on his first semester experience? Thanks.

@Fire227 Yes, he is beginning his second semester at QU, so I will try to answer those questions. As far as the party scene, there seems to be quite a lot of off campus parties as well as frat parties. Due to Covid, my S mostly went to small dorm parties on weekends. Students weren’t allowed in other dorms, and judging from the small number of on-campus Covid cases, it seems most students probably did the same. The students we met (briefly at move in and out) were very nice. S says a lot of the students come from fairly wealthy families. As far as academics, he’s enjoyed his classes and professors. Class sizes are small (I believe all his were less than 35ish) The support services, at least in engineering, have been fantastic. From the parent page on FB some kids have difficulty getting into classes, but so far my son hasn’t had any issues. The food is not good and the biggest drawback according to my son. They don’t have a swipe system so all food is paid for in cash from your meal plan. Food is expensive. S mostly eats sushi (which he says is great just expensive) and Au Bon Pain food. He ran out of money 3/4 the way through but students are always selling meal points at half price or even lower, so it’s less expensive to actually buy the lowest price plan and then buy points when you need them. Seems it’s mostly male students that are running out, lol. We have been happy with how the school has handled Covid: the plan, communications, testing, etc. If you have any specific questions I’m happy to try to answer them.

@taverngirl , thanks for the replies! --Got your DM reply to my questions–thank you!

@Fire227 @taverngirl

You guys have been helpful with QU. How is registering for classes handled? Priority given to those with more credits? What classes are difficult to get into? General Ed or major?
How is housing selection handled for after freshman year?

Registration is done online based upon what year you are and priority is given to students with seniority. It gets a little stressful since they enter their classes all press a button at 7:00 AM and hope for the best. My son is in the PT program so he is guaranteed to get into his science and math classes. The popular electives seem to fill up before he has had a shot at them. After Freshman year, housing is done on a lottery system. The students pick out who they want to live with (my son is in a suite with 5 other students) and out of the group the best number would determine when you pick.

Hi @BmacNJ - Guessing that you are a NJ guy because of your screen name and your avatar (Bruuuuuuuce!!), but I can’t answer your questions. My child was recently accepted. Maybe we can message each other on some stuff and communicate offline. We are going to schedule another visit when permitted time/covid permits.

@Fire227 Haha, yes I’m from Jeerzy. Didn’t think Tony Soprano would’ve been an appropriate avatar. Congrats on the acceptance. My D was accepted as well.
@Taverngirl has been a wealth of info on QU, can’t thank her enough