Current students: sailing class?

<p>Hi, everyone. So I just got back from orientation (had a blast; fight on, Trojans!; etc) and have two extra credits for the semester left over from scheduling that I'm now trying to decide how to use. I was thinking about signing up for sailing, but I'm trying to find information about the class (NAUT 001a: Deepwater Cruising) and it looks as though it's a lecture class in which you learn about navigation and all that stuff. I wanted to know--do you do any actual sailing in that class? How much of it do you do? And, if so, is it good for beginners?</p>

<p>Thanks so much, guys.</p>

<p>This should answer all your questions about it:</p>

<p>Nautical</a> Science - USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development</p>

<p>Sailing is an awesome class, I highly suggest you take it. For the first class in the series, there are about 6 or 7 3-hour long lectures, then the rest of the class consists of a dockside familiarization with the boats, and an overnight sailing trip to Catalina or down the coast, depending on the weather. Higher level classes do more sailing.</p>

<p>My D took Deepwater sailing twice along with a few friends. In addition to the overnight trip, I remember that she went somewhere at least once to sail small boats. She was a total beginner and really enjoyed the class.</p>