Current Undergrads & Wannabes, Amherst NEEDS U!

<p>To all who has experience or is willing to learn about editing wikipedia articles,</p>


<p>There's now exist an edit war on the current lede of Amherst's wikipedia article, and an issue of two apparently "experienced" editors ElKevbo and Madcoverboy playing their shallow senioritis around, disrupting the discussion process, persecuting amateur editors, blatantly claiming a "general concensus," and foolishly quoting counter-examples as supporting arguements. </p>

<p>These two firebrands also caused the current edit war on the current lede, which has quite peacefully existed for a long time, by attempting to overthrow the "community concensus" on wikipedia to include statements of selectivity, rankings, and prestige in a collegiate article's lede. Check other colleges' and universities' articles on wikipedia, such as Harvard's and Stanford's, and you will know what I mean.</p>

<p>Please offer your assistance and help to improve Amherst image on wikipedia here! -
Talk:Amherst</a> College - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>I look forward to your rescue of Amherst College,

<p>the same thing happened on Wesleyan's page, and ElKevbo was involved...</p>

<p>Hey smart, we should do something about it! That ElKevbo is apparently getting back at those famous schools which rejected him.</p>

<p>Why doesn't wikipedia lock all colleges? Just like presidents and famous musicians? lol</p>