Current USC Students: Best Core Classes (esp. Cat 3 and 4)?

<p>What are the best Core classes? Especially for Core 3 and Core 4 - the reason I ask about Core 3 and Core 4 is because I'm not a huge science buff, so >_> (But, as you can guess, suggestions for the other Core categories welcome).</p>

<p>Well I can tell you about the ones that I have taken (Cat. 5 and 6) if you are wondering about those.</p>

<p>Do NOT take "Love and Death in the Russian Novel" (Cat. 5) with Prof. Seifrid. Horrible class with TONS of work and everyone got a C. We didn't get C's because we didn't try. He said that the average for his class is a C-/D+. Horrible.</p>

<p>I took "Film, Power, and American History" with Prof. Ross for Cat. 6 and it was enjoyable. I didn't do too well because I was extremely busy last semester with other things around school (I'm a theatre major and I was in 2 shows while working on a 3rd... killed my life). There's A LOT of reading.</p>

<p>I've heard Crisis of a planet, earthquakes, nature of scientific inquiry are all good ones</p>

<p>I took earthquakes. Was pretty easy, but it can be a bit boring.</p>

<p>CHEM 201Lxg: Chemistry in the Environment, Energy and Society was extremely boring for me, although it was pretty easy.</p>

<p>ASTR-100 with Rhodes for a Category 3. Lectures get a bit tedious and boring, but all I did that semester was cram study (not suggested) the lecture slides and I got an A. I opened the book about once and realized it was a bit useless; it's basically memorizing the lecture slides. Barely any math (had like 2-3 calculations for the whole semester and it didn't get any harder than multiplying or dividing), and the physics portion is really simple (just know your units and how they cancel out). Labs are also a guaranteed A if you use the TA and try a little at them.</p>

<p>category 6: social problems its soci150. the professor is terrible (kaplan) but i never went to class after the midterm and got an A in the class. its actually interesting stuff shes just a bad teacher and is really frustrating in class. group term paper and a midterm and a final. a few short response papers but its a really easy and interesting class</p>

<p>In addition to C3 and C4, any suggestions for good/easy Core classes that also satisfy the Diversity requirement?
(Those of you who assumed that best to a degree included easiest, you were correct, I'm not a huge fan of general ed requirements =&lt;/p>

<p>Musicalstudent: Yes, thank you, the possibility of getting a good grade being present (... as is in most classes) is crucial to me because I want to maintain as high a GPA as possible. You and I seem like we'd get along pretty well X) </p>

<p>Red1105: Thanks! Are the lecture slides posted online? </p>

<p>And thanks for all the suggestions so far :) Continue with all category suggestions!</p>

<p>(Oh, and nice job catching the math thing too, I'm not a huge math geek either ><em>> <</em><)</p>

<p>Yup! Lecture slides are online and he's nice enough to kill an acre of trees to provide the class with a printed version of the first lecture haha. I would try to avoid ditching class too much if you feel you don't want to risk an iffy grade, because a good attendance record will bump you up (say A- to the A group) when he does final curve for grades.</p>

<p>SOCI150 for category 6 also fulfills diversity</p>

<p>bump: any other thoughts?</p>

<p>Category 5: Women in Literature and Film is easy and interesting for Arts and Letters. A few short response papers, a midterm and a take home essay for the final.</p>

<p>I've only heard good things about EXSC 205Lxg - The Science of Human Performance (4 units). It's a Cat IV with diversity (the g). I'm taking it in the Fall, so if anyone else is, let me know!</p>

<p>I believe the "g" is for general education while the "m" is for multicultural/diversity req. Are you sure that class fulfills diversity?</p>

<p>Egg on my face, I think you're right. Even tho I said it, I couldn't figure out how it would fulfill the diversity requirement lol.</p>