Currently a Sophomore, Wondering if I'm On the Right Track

<p>Hey everyone, I'm currently a sophomore attending a Christian private "college-preparatory" high school in suburban Georgia. Recently, some teachers and my parents asked me where I wanted to attend college. This question has left me pondering what I wish to accomplish in college and what I hope to get out of it. After some introspection, I did my research, and I've come upon the conclusion that schools like Princeton would be an excellent fit for someone like me: a student who has a voracious intellectual hunger for a variety of subjects. Princeton appears to be a place where I can pursue various ventures, academic and extracurricular, while still providing a challenging yet rewarding education.
I'm not interested in a university with prestige (and if my assumptions are incorrect about what Princeton offers, please correct me) but rather an institution where the learning is abundant and true, and hopefully, at Princeton I can find such an experience. The question I'm asking is: Am I on the right track to being accepted into such an institution?
Now that my motives are defined, let's get down to what I have to offer academically.</p>

<h2>7th Grade (Classes that I took which were counted for high school credit)</h2>

<p>French 1A</p>

<h2>8th Grade (Classes that I took which were counted for high school credit)</h2>

<p>Algebra 1 Honors
French 1B Honors</p>

<h2>9th Grade</h2>

<p>Geometry Honors
French II Honors
English Honors
Biology Honors
World Cultures (Not sure if this class counted for credit)</p>

<h2>10th Grade</h2>

<p>Algebra II Standard
French III Honors
American Literature Honors
Chemistry Honors
AP US History </p>

<p>Planned Classes</p>

<h2>11th Grade</h2>

<p>Pre-Calculus Honors
Pre-AP French Honors
British Literature Honors
AP Physics
AP European History</p>

<h2>12th Grade</h2>

<p>AP or Honors Calculus (not sure which one, possibly standard)
AP French
AP Literature
AP Biology
AP Government</p>

<p>Any AP classes I'm taking is the lowest grade they're offered in, meaning my school does not offer any Freshman AP Classes. </p>


<p>Music Theory 1&2- One Year (Basically Pre-AP)
Musical Theater- Planning for Four Years (Offered the last semester of each year)</p>


<p>-Senior Beta Club Member- Four Years (Planning on running for office)
-Founding member of the Varsity Lacrosse team-Planning for 4 years (was awarded MVP freshman year)
-Varsity Swim Team Member- One Year
-One Act Play Competition-Planned Four Years (Won region last year, came second in State for our division)
-Founding member of the School's Praise Band (Christian school needs a praise band, am I right?)
-Planning on running for Student Government next year
-Member of the Photography club
-Tutored two students Freshman Year
-Avid Musician and Composer (I'm proficient on the Saxophone, Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Piano.) I frequently play shows in the Atlanta area, and I'm constantly recording music whether in a professional studio or at home. I have a plethora of it (It's borderline excessive some might say :D) Also, these shows are not with any formal institution or ensemble. I'm in a number of local bands and ensembles that often perform
-Finalist in the "Ableton Summer Music Challenge": An international competition for young composers held by the producers of an electronic music making program
-Competitor in the School Science Fair
-I have hosted a French exchange student each year for two weeks and plan to do so for the next two years.
-In the following years, I will be looking for internships at music studios around Atlanta or at Atlanta music venues.</p>

<h2>Volunteer Work</h2>

<p>-I have been on one mission trip to Denver, Colorado
-I earned 15 hours last year, must earn 15 this year, 20 next year, and 50 Senior Year.
-I plan to do any remaining volunteer work at a training center for seeing eye dogs.</p>


<p>In all honesty, I do not have an affinity for math and science. While I can grasps the concepts easily, my work in those subjects is not my forte. My true strengths are in the arts. My interest in the arts such as writing, acting, and music helps distinguish me from the group in my school and hopefully from other applicants. The main focus of my extracurricular activities is, consequently, in music. I can send in many of my compositions, which are mostly electronic compositions but not dubstep or dance music, or any of the recordings where I am utilized as a session musician. Currently, I am asserting myself into the Atlanta music scene, which is certainly an odd one but delightful nonetheless. If I apply, this depth of involvement (in music, not the Atlanta music scene) certainly can't hurt my chances of acceptance.</p>


<p>Teachers tell me I have a talent for writing. However, my writings can come off as arrogant; I imagine this post has come off as hopefully only somewhat arrogant :). I plan to work on my essay as much as I can and put my best effort into it.</p>


<p>I have very strong relationships with the heads of the Foreign Language, English, and History department at my school. If I were to ask these teachers, I feel any one of them would be able to write highly of me. Although I wouldn't ask the Foreign Language head, since she has enough trouble speaking English let alone writing it; she is, however, an excellent teacher. </p>

<p>Well, that's all I have so far. My school is relatively minuscule to other schools in the area, public and private, so any academic placement I feel would not be that impressive. I have not taken any any SAT 2's or AP tests yet although my APUSH teacher predicted my test grade to be a 4 or 5 (fingers crossed). </p>

<p>So, with all these elements, do any of you believe I am on the right path to acceptance? Should I consider other schools? Are there any improvements I should make to any areas?</p>

<p>Please let me know.</p>

<p>You're on the right track. Ivy admissions are a crap shoot even for the best applicants, but you show promise. Focus on making yourself stand out, and you'll have much stronger chances</p>

<p>How would I go about doing that in a way that reinforces my current focuses?</p>

<p>What are your non-academic, what do you do for fun?</p>

<p>I love composing and writing music. I'm heavily involved with the music program at my school and in the music scene in Atlanta. I've been a finalist in a few composition competitions. I also have experience as a session musician and my instrumentation (I play guitar, bass, piano, and saxophone) can be heard on recordings made by myself and others.</p>

<p>That's awesome man, focus on that.! Develop your composing ability further, let that be your niche</p>

<p>Thank you! I love working with music, and if it helps my chances of getting accepted, then I'm not complaining.</p>