currently junior though

Sorry for typing on phone so there could be tons of mistakes on spelling as well as grammars…
I was born in Albany but returned to my home country, korea, before 1 year old. I came to California last year, 2014. That’s why ny english could look awkward and I’m kind of furious. I attended Korean middle school at 9th grade. The grade was indeed bad(I just asked the school to convert that grade in 9th into pass or nonpass. Still one F is digging my overall gpa.)
9th grade
Just one F in Chinese.
10th grade
First semester
Biology: A plus
World history A
ESL for foreigners A
Algebra 2 A plus
English 10 A minus
Second Semester
H. Biology B plus
World History A plus
H. Algebra 2 A
English 10 A
PE A plus
Summer school(no curriculum in Korea)
Health A minus
Geometry A
First semester. Almost done
Drama A or A minus
AP language and composition B or B minus
German 1 A or A minus
H. Chemistry A
AP US History B (lol dramatically decrease 96 to 87 due to essaies…)
AMA(Count as AP though we would not take AP test) A or A minus
I think second semester would finish as like as the first one.
So overall my unweighted GPA is 3.66 now. And weighted GPA as well. Our school doesn’t give extra point for honors class. Class Percentile would be barely in 20 percent.
After end of this semester, my gpa would be 3.68 and weighted would be 3. 78. And without F in freshman, gpa would raise 0.25 now in both unweighted and weighted.
SAT score 1760 in nov cr 540, math 710, wri 510
1890 In Dec cr 630, math 690, wri 570.
Super score 1910. Cr 630 math 710 wri 570.
I know it’s low…but I’m not going to take ACT and New SAT. Too tired.
Plan to take 2-3 SAT subject tests…
Ec…lol none. Just 30 hours of volunteer and some club like Asian club, key club, and math club…Mock trial and some school activities like pouder and puff.
I know it’s a little bit early to consider which universities I’m going to apply, but you guys know, just interested.
The list of colleges which I want to apply
UC Santa cruz
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Delaware
UC davis or Uc santa barbara(just one of them)
University of Washington seattle
University of Pittsburgh
University of Connecticut
Uc san diego
University of maryland
University of wisconsin
University of Minnesota
Indeed I wanna go into the last three ones…
UC GPA is 3.875 now. But it would be 4.
I know these universities would be harsh for me. But all of them are reaches as well as dreams?

Sorry for unorganized. And my major would be journalisn or english even though I am going to apply as undecied if there can in those universities.

Does your school offer many AP’s? Course rigor is lacking and it very important to be a competitive applicant for the UC’s. UC Santa Cruz is your best bet presently and if you could get your UC GPA into the 4.0+ range and bump up your test scores, UCD/UCSB and UCSD could be possbile.

Keep working hard and good luck.

Thanks for replying. And yeah I’m planning to take 3 or 4 AP classes in senior.