Currently looking to transfer from cc to UC majoring in accounting. Help?

<p>Im looking to transfer to UC Irvine or UC Riverside. Just recently switch major and couldn't talk to a counselor. So I used what he used.. Which is where I am having a problem.
I want to major in accounting and Im looking for its major prep classes. How ever, I'm a little confused when I tried looking it up. Example:
UCI shows :
-Accounting (Minor In)
-Business Administration, B.A.
-Business Economics, B.A.
-Business Information Management. B.S</p>

<p>UCR shows:
-Business Administration, B.S.
-Business Economics, B.A.
-Business Informatics B.S</p>

<p>Im a bit confuse. Which one best fits under majoring in Accounting?</p>

any major + accounting minor, or business admin with accounting concentration</p>

business admin with accounting concentration</p>

<p>For UCI they offer accounting as a minor as you stated and Business administration with a concentration in accounting major. While UCR also offers Business administration with a concentration in accounting major. I'm not sure which program is better though and I don't feel like searching that up. </p>

<p>University</a> of California, Irvine | The Paul Merage School of Business - Accounting Minor</p>

<p>The</a> Paul Merage School of Business</p>

<p>Undergraduate</a> Business Program: Accounting</p>

<p>Ah much thanks guys. But can you explain the purpose of "Accounting Minor in". Not familiar with that term.</p>

<p>I'm not positive but I don't think a minor in Acctg will give you enough credits to sit for the CPA exam.
How about transfering to SDSU? It has a better Business Dept and an Acctg Major.
From their website: "The School of Accountancy is the first and one of only four accredited accounting programs in California. Student test scores on the CPA exam consistently rank among the top five in the nation."</p>

<p>^An accounting minor is actually enough as long as you reach 150 units from your major + minor. </p>

<p>SDSU is known for their business program if you are considering going to a CSU. So is Cal Poly SLO, CSUFullterton and CSULB. If you consider going to a UC you should try UCLA since they are known for their accounting minor. </p>

<p>A minor is similar to a major, but consists of less courses than actually majoring in that specific discipline.</p>

<p>^^ ucsb also has an excellent accounting program</p>