curve for ap physics c?

<p>does anyone have a score chart for ap physics c? Preferably one with percentages indicating how much of the test one must get correct for a 1-5.</p>

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<p>posted on some other thread for the '98 exam</p>

<p>LOL you need a 30% for E&M for 3?

<p>Not even a</p>

<p>well E&M isn't exactly easy..but yeah the curve is a bit TOO ( i don't mind though.)</p>

<p>Maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about, but can there be such thing as "too" lenient? After all, it's a standard deviation curve, so the reason it's set at x is because x% get certain scores... Which I guess in this case means that too many unprepared students take the exam. And that could be interpreted as an overly lenient grading curve, I guess. :)</p>

<p>The curves are based on how actual college students would do in equivalent courses. So if a college student gets a 60% average when the college board tests their questions and gets an A in his/her class, then 60% on the actual AP test would result in a 5.</p>