Curve for Core Class

<p>What is the usual amount of As given out in each core class? How hard is it to get an A in each of these classes?</p>

<p>Literature Humanities?</p>

<p>Frontiers of Science?</p>

<p>University Writing?</p>

<p>Contemporary Civilization?</p>

<p>Art Humanities?</p>

<p>Music Humanities?</p>

<p>there is no curve (save maybe for frontiers), it is random based on how teachers grade and how well students do the work. if you are really bad in the class you don't get an A. if no one does the work in your class you could all fail, sure you may be relatively better than someone, but if the teacher doesn't think you did A work...guess what.</p>

<p>i went through my old transcript and there was one core class where 75% of students got A's (in the A range, including A-) to a low of 35% for my CC class. and thinking back to my CC class, a lot of folks really didn't do the work, so not surprised so few got A's.</p>

<p>in general though - i found core classes very easy and enjoyable, more so than a lot of other courses. if you do the reading (or i mean honestly at least part of the reading), talk in class, are unafraid to write something bold in an essay, you can do well. maybe i say that flippantly because it does sound like a mountain of work to me.</p>

<p>core classes cause a significant proportion of grade inflation at columbia, every core class I've taken has given out ~50% A grades.</p>

<p>So far I've taken Uwriting, Frontiers, MusicHum and LitHum. The average curve for a core class is pretty nice. You can get some instructors that will be more "hardcore" but that really just shifts the average from A-/B+ to B+/B, in my experience.</p>