Curve for Fnce100 and Stat101

<p>I am a new student at Penn and I am having difficulty understanding the curve. I transferred from a school where very few classes were curved and that too slightly only. I am in fnce100 and stat101. I can't analyze where I stand at the moment. Can anyone please elaborate on how individual performance ties to the curve?

<p>FNCE100 and STAT101 are both core courses. The curve is, therefore, 30-30-30-10. That means that regardless of nominal performance, the top 30% of students will receive As, 30% will receive Bs, 30% Cs and 10% Ds, with the obvious possibility of a few outliers receiving Fs. </p>

<p>While you are still the one who controls your own performance, your peers decide your grade: If you average a 65% on all of your assessments by the end of the semester, and if you have nine peers whose averages are 45, 45, 50, 100, 90, 55, 60, 63 and 68, respectively, you would probably be on course to get a B+, since you are in the upper part of the B range; if your peers' averages are 55, 52, 100, 98, 95, 75, 80, 60 and 70, you would be on course to get a C, since you are in the middle of the C range.</p>