Curve on May 2008 SAT??

<p>Was there a curve on the May 2008 SAT??
Will this affect how a college views your sat scores?</p>

<p>Yes there was a curve...
There are always curves. Colleges will view them the same as any other one...</p>

<p>what part of the test was curved - the whole thing or just the math section?</p>

<p>Math had the standard curve, which is no curve...1 wrong was already below 800.
writing had a tougher curve than usual if i remember correctly.
critical reading i think was -2=800, which is average.</p>

<p>A curve doesn't mean that you can miss problems and still get a perfect score. All tests are curved. Missing one can sometimes mean 700, other times 780.Those are still different, meaning the test was still curved.</p>

<p>Curves don't mean that the test was easier if thats what your thinking, nvnc. Curves are meant to normalize the differences in the various tests.</p>

<p>Colleges don't care and don't know how the test was scaled, the curve is there to make scores from different months comparable.</p>