Cushing - Can you move from Newton to Upper

<p>My D's was assigned Cushing in Newton - she is really upset- is there a way to get her switched to Upper campus?</p>

<p>I believe the answer is still no - she cannot switch.</p>

<p>More important, however, is that your daughter should read through the many previous discussions about living in Newton. Either campus has its pros and cons. Newton has many things going for it. Our son lived in Newton, and while he got tired of the bus ride toward the end of the year, he really enjoyed it. Many have expressed that same sentiment.</p>

<p>I can not believe that there is no appeal process - it a lot of money to spend to have your child unhappy</p>

<p>Unfortunately -- or fortunately, depending on how you look a it -- BC has 2,200 incoming Frosh. It is impossible to give them all first choice dorms.</p>

<p>The only appeals might be for medical reasons.</p>

My daughter is in a forced triple at Upper, and would be more than happy to switch.</p>

<p>Please look back through the many discussions in this forum here about Upper vs. Newton. I lived on Newton last year and I absolutely loved it. Don't assume that you will be unhappy. If you go in with that attitude you will never enjoy freshmen year. I think living on Newton is a much better than living in a forced triple on Upper.
Newton is not as bad as it seems! Give it a chance and embrace it.</p>

<p>And Cushing is the smallest dorm on Newton, which is nice because it is easier to get to know everyone and it seems really close knit. Is your daughter on the third floor? Last year there were three floors of guys and one floor of girls.</p>

<p>Yes she is on the 3rd floor</p>

Your daughter, for some reason, feels strongly she will be unhappy living in Newton. It's very likely she's latched onto that decision with very little information. That decision making process, while normal at that stage, will definitely broaden over the next 4 years.</p>

<p>However, it's also clear that you've endorsed your daughter's position and are even doing some of the legwork to fight for her. Is that the position you really want to be in? She will face many more of these kinds of issues at school. If you stay closely coupled to her on this one, how and when will she be able to grow and begin looking at these issues objectively?</p>

<p>Why is your daughter so upset about being assigned to the Newton campus? I think a more reasoned discussion with her -- trying to identify what, specifically, she is so afraid of and then talking through these issues to ameliorate her concerns -- would be helpful. Reading some of the old CC posts about the Newton vs. Upper debate, as others have suggested, will give you some guidance. Use this as a teaching moment.</p>

<p>And fwiw, my son had requested Upper (back in the days when you could express a preference) and was disappointed when he ended up on Newton. But he had a great time there and now feels that, if he had a chance to choose again, he would pick Newton over Upper.</p>

<p>I'm on Newton and I'm super excited because I've heard many great things about it. Sure, the bus will be annoying sometimes, but going into college with a bad attitude about Newton will only make it worse.</p>

<p>Just want to share a conversation I had with my daughter yesterday when she announced she would be in forced triple (When she requested a single)</p>

<p>Daughter:"Momma they put me in a Forced Triple"</p>

<p>Me: "Well D it's not going to be as bad as you think."</p>

<p>Daughter: "But Momma I will die. I just went up there the room is smaller than the room I'm in now" (She is in Fitzpatrick now)</p>

<p>Me: "Sweetie let me tell you something. You are making a decision now, on how you will handle this situation. You can complain and hate it, or you can decide that IT IS WHAT IT IS and that you are in Boston College getting the best education you can". Just know that how you deal with this situation going forward will make or break your experience at Boston College. Welcome to the real world. You will not always get things the way you want them."</p>

<p>Daughter: "Thank you Momma"</p>

<p>For her I tried to remain as optimistic as possible, and will remain that way.</p>

<p>Now with that being said. I think that this forced triple will not last as it stands. I am just realistic. </p>

<p>Sharp I do sympathize with your dilemma. Try telling your daughter that it could be worse she could be in a forced triple.</p>

<p>Having lived on Newton, most people are not thrilled to be there but end up loving it and looking back on it very memorably. It's not something most would trade. Yeah the bus can be annoying, but you learn to plan around it and it really is not bad at all. Late night bus rides can make for some of the most memorable moments.</p>

<p>green apple- do you think there will be a dorm this year with 3 floors of girls and one floor of guys??? that would be awesome.</p>

<p>legitamate - Good dialogue with your daughter. Way to go! That being said, I cannot believe BC continues to use these forced triples. Three girls, two closets -- not a good idea! Back in 2004, when our daughter was a freshman, they claimed it was a one year only problem. She was not happy, but made the best of it and was glad when she moved to lower campus the next year. Do they admit too many freshmen? I don't understand how they do this year after year. Wishing your daughter all the best. Our daughter LOVED her years at BC overall. Congratulations to your daughter and your family. </p>

<p>Sharp101- Our daughter's friends living on Newton loved it there, although they did sometimes spend weekend nights with her. Whether your daughter stays there, or not, she is very blessed to have been accepted at BC. She will receive a wonderful education and make fabulous friends. Congratulations to your daughter and your family.</p>

<p>Go, Eagles!</p>

<p>My daughter is will be on the 2nd floor of Cushing so it looks like there are at least 2 floors of girls this year.</p>

<p>the natural - Kostka is an all-female dorm this year. So it is just 3 floors of girls and no guys.</p>

<p>Thanks! BlessedTwice. She told me yesterday that she had a IM with one of the roommate's on facebook, and was asked if she had requested to be in the forced triple with them, because they requested that just the two of them be in the room. And that they would imediately begin to have her removed. (LOL) So already she is the outsider! I'm sure she hopes they succeed.</p>