CUT, GOP, Syzygy - ALL Gods of Plastic

<p>If you missed last week's Ultimate College Championships held in Madison, CUT (Carleton Ultimate Team) came close to winning a back to back national championship, falling to giant Florida 15-12 in the finals. Florida was the 2006 national champion. Carleton boasts national titles in 2001 and 2009.</p>

<p>GOP (Gods of Plastic), Carleton's # 2 men's team, won the D3 divisional championship.</p>

<p>The women put on quite a show as well, with Syzygy defeating Northwestern and then Stanford before falling to the University of Washington.</p>

<p>Congrats to all!</p>

<p>Carleton - the ultimate in Ultimate! :)</p>

<p>Woot! Do you happen to know if Eclipse is a little less serious? I'd LOVE to play frisbee but i highly doubt I'd even be good enough to make Syzygy.</p>

<p>Syzygy took the national title in 2000, lots of trips to quarters/semis/finals, and pretty regularly sits top 10 ranked. Like CUT, still a different category of play.</p>

<p>But with so many quality players showing up on campus, Eclipse has followed GOP's lead and has become a more serious # 2. While the team spirit is still pretty laid back, at most colleges, both squads could easily be the one and only men's and women's teams fielded. </p>

<p>About 100 people spread out among the four teams. That's a lot of competitive Ultimate players for a school of Carleton's size. Sure there'd be room for you. And for those showing up on campus who don't know a flick from a hammer, you'll learn fast.</p>