Cut off for URMs at t14 law schools???

<p>What are the cut offs for URMs at each of the T14 law schools relating to LSAT and gpa?</p>

<p>The bare minimum? I suppose a 3.4 and 165 could get somewhat of a shot at Cornell and Gtown, that's about it though.</p>

<p>And then +/- the gpa and lsat to see what the other minimums are:
3.2 167
3.3 166
3.4 165
3.5 164
3.6 163

<p>This is mostly speculation though. URMs are hard to predict.</p>

<p>I think 164 or less on the LSAT would even be to low to admit a URM</p>



<p>Cornell would like to disagree.
LSN</a> :: Cornell University - Applicants</p>

<p>I did the search so that only URMs would show up. The dark blue uppercase-U next to the username means URM.</p>

<p>Boston1991- can u provide a link for harvard URMs?</p>

Accepted URMs at Harvard.
I think the first username is a troll though.</p>

<p>S's URM friend was admitted to T14 school with score less than 159.</p>