Cut Some Words Down!!!

<p>Hey is anyone willing to read my rough draft? This is essay is for the UC's and i need to cut my words down to 200 and i have 257! If anyone would like to read it and give me some feedback on what to cut out....what to add that would be great! This is just a rough draft...but idk where to go with this!!! Any help would be great thanks.</p>

<p>P.S. I'm having a little trouble ANSWERING THE QUESTION. If i could get some insight on how i could mold my essay to make it answer the question would be great!</p>

<p>i can help you out</p>

<p>You really dont need to worry THAT much about it. Cut it down to around 240 and you'll e fine (this is considering that all your other essays are a little bit below the 200 limit). For example, I have one that is 240, one that is 180, and another that is around 580. The instructions are limiting you to "approximately 200 words each" and a single longthier essay that is "at least 600 words." However, the total package must not surpass 1000. I think you'll be fine.</p>

<p>thank you both..ya i just need to get it down from 257!! lol i'm having a bit of trouble with that...what are your topics about Rach?</p>

<p>I'll read your rough draft.</p>

<p>My topics are:</p>

<p>Regarding academic preparedness: Instead of listing and describing alot, I focused on Boy's State (New York), where I climbed high into the political ladder within the student-run government. I also connected this experience to my personal evolution. Ask anybody that went to Boy's State: it was a dynamic event. (200+)</p>

<p>Regarding contribution: My expansive musical experience. This was more listing, but it connected in a similar way to a story by the time I completed the statement; I started playing piano at the age of four, and I explained my improvement, struggles, and accomplishments throughout those years to the present. I also inserted my Trombone abilities into the essay and everything that was derived out of it (All-State, competitions, drum major, marching band, etc.). (200-)</p>

<p>Regarding Open-Ended: Purely dedicated to my international experience. I basically reflected on my growth and my change according to the four different countries that I have lived in (approximately 4 years each). I basically focused all creativity and poeticness into this essay. This beats all of my other essays. (600-)</p>

<p>It may sound like I crammed alot into each essay, but if you reduce redundancies and useless embellishments, you can include alot more imformation into your statements. Remember, big words do not have much impacts on the admissions people. If they want to know about your technical writing abilities, they can refer to your GPA, english classes, and the SAT/ACT. The college essays are meant for creative writing and information.</p>

<p>I'll read it. You can email me at adnan(dot)esmail(at)gmail(dot)com</p>