Cute Graduation Story

<p>D graduated yesterday. It was a wonderful day. This is one of my favorite moments of the day....</p>

<p>D attended a Catholic school preschool thru 8th grade, starting at age 3. At age 3, she became best buds with another little girl, we'll call her "L". All through school (thru 8th grade) D and L were good friends - not always best, but always "good". They were very similar in their academic habits and standards - both always at the top of their class (perhaps even, a little competitive nature). </p>

<p>D and L were the only ones from their Catholic school to be offered some scholarship to the local Catholic high schools. The "offer" was quite small back then, only about $1000/per year so both decided to go the public school route. D, in our city public school system, L, in her suburban public school system. They remained in touch now and then through high school, though both had other regular friends and activities. Both graduated at the top of their class. </p>

<p>D had chosen her small private LAC. L had some uncertainty, but her BF happened to go to D's chosen college, so surprisingly, L chose the same college. Both landed in the Honors program. D and L did not room together but were on the same floor first year, same dorm second year and shared a couple of classes over the 4 years. Again, didn't really run with the same crowd, but stayed in touch, often not seeing each other so much at school, but always going out for coffee at home over breaks. </p>

<p>Yesterday at graduation, as we waited for the ceremony to start, I received a text from D. Her text said, "18 years later and I am sitting and walking right next to L!" Turns out that they were 2 of 5 who earned a 4.0 GPA's in their college of arts and sciences, so they walked out (alphabetically) as the 1st and 2nd graduates of their class.</p>

<p>Learned how to stand in line in preschool, and concluded their education, side by side literally, walking to receive their college diplomas. A great, full circle story</p>

<p>Totally made me smile. :)</p>

<p>Great story!</p>

<p>It really brings home how you can look back over all those school years as a kind of voyage. Your story also reminds me to give thanks for how fortunate we are, how sweet and satisfying it has been to watch our kids grow up and have productive lives. We are so blessed.</p>

<p>Nice story.</p>

<p>Beautiful! And, Congratulations - you must be very proud. :)</p>

<p>Awww. Sweet.</p>

<p>Congratulations to your D! That's a nice story, too.</p>

<p>Love that! Congratulations</p>

<p>Awwww! Thanks for posting that.</p>

<p>This could be the start of something, maybe they will be sitting next to each other on the porch of their nursing home someday :)</p>

<p>A tear from here. Son went to prom last week. His date was his friend from preschool.</p>

<p>Cpt, that is SOOOOOO sweet!</p>

<p>(we moms are such saps!!!)</p>

<p>Yeah, we are. But isn't it wonderful to be able to enjoy things like this?</p>

<p>So lovely, thank you for sharing.</p>

<p>Great story. Thanks so much for sharing.</p>

<p>That is so sweet!</p>


<p>Very nice. Congrats to d and l.</p>

<p>Of late, D (HS class of '11) has been wearing her 5th grade t-shirt, that has everyone's names on the back. She says it's because she has no clothes (NOT!) I think she wants to remind herself of the kids who have made the entire journey with her.</p>