Cutting back on Financial Aid

<p>The financial aid is not as good as stated on their website. You may be able to get more financial assistance going to a similar private school with a deeper endowment. Most schools are able to give more money in aid than Southwestern.</p>

<p>Not sure what you're referencing about financial aid at Southwestern. We received our billing for the fall semester, and it reflected exactly the amount of FA that we were expecting based on what was promised by SU.</p>

<p>My daughter got similar FA offers from several other private schools in the region, so I think Southwestern is competitive in the market.</p>

<p>One of the things I like about Southwestern is the FA matrix that is listed on their website. It spells out quite plainly the MINIMUM amount you will receive based on a sliding scale of SAT scores and GPA.</p>

<p>DS also got the same FA that had been estimated in the spring award letter. </p>

<p>arrdad, is your daughter a freshman or returning? My DS is a freshman, moving into the dorm a week from today! However, we live about 15 minutes from Georgetown, so I am not nearly as flipped out as I would be if he was going across the country!</p>

<p>cgpm59, my daughter is an incoming freshman. She will move in to Mabee dorm next Thursday so she can attend one of the excursions on Friday (a tour of Georgetown and parts of Austin).</p>

<p>arrdad -- will PM you in a moment.</p>