<p>First off, sorry if i posted in the wrong section. i thought it would be beneficial here because this is for a ra program.</p>

<p>I am planning to work in a lab as a resident's assistant next semester. I need to submit a CV, but I do not know if mine is acceptable.</p>

<p>I have my college resume, which I think is a CV as well.</p>

<p>Included in the "CV" are:
contact info
Education - HS and College with graduation dates, test scores, gpa
Honors and awards such as academic awards and scholharships
ECs such as sports, clubs, etc
community service</p>

<p>each activity or service has a 1-2 line description to it along with dates and positions. also the "CV" is 3 pages long in 11pt font and tiny margins</p>

<p>please help. i do not know what to submit, or if what i have is a cv or resume. also i am a first year undergrad so i do not have anything to write about my first 3-4 months. is it bad to write things i did in hs and send it?</p>

<p>WashU and Carnegie Mellon have some good samples of CVs and resumes. Google their career services section for students.</p>

<p>After Frosh year, you should start dropping off HS stuff, and definitely test scores. IMO, the only HS stuff you should include would be directly related to the position for which you are applying. For example, perhaps in HS you worked at local lab and picked up lab skills. But no Lab director is gonna care is you played four years of HS soccer, nor your HS awards (unless it was Intel, or something extremely prestigious). </p>

<p>The other thing you could add would be college courses taken, particularly if they include a lab. Again, demonstrating experience that is applicable for the position to which you are applying.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>I took too long and blue bayou wrote some good stuff. I want to especially second that you want to tailor the resume towards the employer. I'll leave what I had written initially below.</p>

<p>CV and Resume mean essentially the same thing (I think of CVs as being longer than the standard 1 page resume especially in fields like biology/medicine since a list of publications/grants are often included).</p>

<p>3 pages at your stage sounds a bit long, especially since most of your credentials won't have any direct applications to what you'd be doing so you don't need to discuss them that much. If you are a junior or higher, I would drop ALL high school stuff. If you are a sophomore or freshman you can leave it on if it looks empty or maybe drop the high school ECs and just keep the awards.</p>

<p>You don't want less important stuff to dilute out the more important stuff and the general wisdom is to keep the thing to 1 page. Although if you're really that involved/have that many awards you don't want to short change yourself.</p>

<p>i honestly didnt do anything this semester lol besides this one one-day event.</p>

<p>so if i delete all "useless" things i did during hs, my cv/resume would look empty...completely empty</p>

<p>the only thing i would have is my name, contact info, where i went to school, my courses lol</p>

<p>i never did anything related to lab work in hs</p>

<p>General advice for any resume is to be 1 page. I do not know specifically for your situation, but I personally have 1 page resume. I have 5 degrees and I am working at my 9th place of employment (not mentionning my first place where I worked for 11 years). Nobody is going to read your 3 pages, I guarantee.</p>

i honestly didnt do anything this semester lol besides this one one-day event.</p>

<p>so if i delete all "useless" things i did during hs, my cv/resume would look empty...completely empty


<p>If you don't want advice, dont' ask for it. (btw: an 'empty' college resume should tell you something. :) )</p>

CV and Resume mean essentially the same thing


<p>Perhaps for a college student, but not in general. An academic CV can go on for pages if one has a lot of teaching assignments, publications, presentations and the like.</p>

<p>should i just mention that i do not have a cv as of now because i just finished my first semester...</p>

<p>as you guys mentioned, he would not want to know about how long i played baseball or what hs awards i got(not prestigious)</p>

<p>are you not reading our posts? Both of us said that if you're a freshman it's ok to list high school achievements...</p>