CVW Weekend

<p>Does anyone with past experience have any additional advice on what to bring besides what the letter says (any bedding, etc.) thanks for any info anyone has</p>

<p>When are you going? I'll be there Oct 20-24.</p>


<p>November 19th, you can tell me all about it!</p>

<p>I will be there Nov 19 too...</p>

<p>I'll be there November 19th as well.</p>

<p>amdandrew and marines4me, please let me know how it went when you return. I'll be there in the bitter cold (end of Jan.). Will definitely be taking a thick wool blanket with me.</p>

<p>Navygrl...My son (and us too) will be there November 5-6th. He's looking forward to it although his B and G says he's deferred after review several weeks ago. He needs an eye waiver and isn't as strong in sports as others. Hoping for the best and that he gets to make the choice. He's getting tons of interest from other schools as he finsihed a NM semi finalist. He's trying to focus on the other schools right now but there is still that hope for Navy! It's still early! We'll let you know how CVW goes! JM</p>


<p>What do you mean by deferred? In other posts, people have talked about receiving a letter saying they are triple qualified and now need to obtain a nomination. Is this what you mean by deferred? Or did your son receive a different type of letter?</p>

<p>Hi 09</p>

<p>Our Blue and Gold officer told us he went to the review board several weeks ago and his application was deferred for more information / to be looked at again. As we understand it all applications are graded numerically and at a given Board meeting those with x number will be qualified and those will a lesser number deferred to another review board. NROTC does the same thing. He needs a vision waiver and does not have a Varsity letter although participates in sports out of school so that is our guess as to why. His stats are super both testing and GPA will all honors and AP courses. His teacher rec's rated in the top 1% and he passed the PAE in the mid range so that's our guess as to why. If we understand it correctly it will be reviewed many times over the next months and if the numbers are right he would then be fully qualified. Most of the posts here are students with very good grades and gifted athletes so they would definately rise to the top of the pool. He just updated his file with 2 more leadership positions and NM semifinalist status. We have to wait and see....</p>

<p>PS he has not received any notification from the academy this is only through our B&G officer...</p>

<p>There are two types of letters:
Both say that all is complete (triple Q) except for a nomination.
One says an appointment is "guaranteed" when a nomination is obtained (LOA)
The other says you are qualified to compete for an appointment.
In both cases one is "triple Qed", but only one is an actual LOA.
Hope that helps.</p>

<p>Thanks for the explanation. I wish your son the best and hope the Admissions Board decides to make him triple-qualified.</p>

<p>Dear 09...Thanks he does too! It sounds like for most candidates it is a long wait and can go on past normal college acceptances. The plan is patience and a great back up plan that you can be excited about. many apply more than once to the academy because there are so many great candidates! Best of luck to you also!!!! JM</p>

<p>I think the "eye waiver" comment you got from your BGO is that the point score he needs to be qualified is higher if he needs an eye waiver, as the academy has an absolute cap on the number of midshipmen with medical waivers in any one year. This makes it more competitive for those needing a waiver.</p>

<p>Continuing to update his file is a great idea. Good luck.</p>

<p>I think a CVW session has already passed...did anyone go??? any comments???</p>

<p>To all:
If you go to the USNA official website, and go to the calendar page, in teeny tiny print you can see which weekends are CVW. I believe the first was last weekend, during homecoming. It was an exciting, and eyeopening experience for my son when he was there last year. It gives a small window through which the candidates can see what life as a plebe might be like, and decide if that lifestyle is a good fit for their personalities and personal goals. Hope it is as positive an experience for all of you who go, too.
Good luck on this rollercoaster journey,


<p>Do you have to bring anything special? What went on while was there (classes, sports, etc)?</p>


My son shadowed a plebe from about 10:00 AM on Friday until Sat, morning. He went to classes, even took a short quiz, and did basically whatever his plebe did. I do recall that there was a club soccer game that he went to as well. He got an excellent view of what plebe life was like. I do not recall if his plebe had PE that day. I believe they tell each candidate what to bring. He brought a sleeping bag and usual toiletries. No jeans, only shirts with a collar (polo-type shirt). Sleeping attire (gym shorts and t-shirt). PE clothes just in case. Hope that helps.

<p>Hi All- Just in from CVW which went very well. I have some info to share but it will have to wait a bit ...a few things to do. For those going, bring warm was cold down there! You will be sleeping on a cot not the midshipman bunks and sheets etc are not needed. Bring your workout gear and a suit / towel as you will be following a midshipman around all day. Bring money too as not everyone eats in the mess hall for dinner!!! Take it all in...the instructions we were given was this is a tough time and you will see the drudgery of midshipman life not the "fun" of summer seminar. My son walked away with a "disenchanted / more realistic view" of mishipman life. For him that view was positive not negative. Everyone was asked to talk to those mids that are struggling as well as those that are doing better. I am not sure "enjoying" comes up in a sentence. He saw watches from 2am - 4am and everything else that goes with life at USNA. A 360 degree different view of USNA but a more realistic one. Went to a sprint football game vs Army and saw some fun too. Well worth the time and expense but it's really short. You don't get to be with your mid until about 10:45 and 24 hours later it's done. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!!! I'LL WRITE TOMORROW! JM</p>

<p>More details would be welcome when you get a chance.</p>