CW Instrumental Music Audition

<p>My daughter was invited to audition for a music performance major on clarinet at Case Western. She has already been accepted to their biology program and wanted to do a music minor. She was urged by Case to try out for a music major also, so she is.</p>

<p>We just got the invitation and I have to admit, this is all totally new to us. The audition before the faculty members we expected. But she also has to take an hour long written theory test AND a computer based theory test. Oh My!!!</p>

<p>Can anyone tell us what to expect on these theory tests? The daughter did take music theory as a high school sophomore and is now taking AP Music Theory. How does the level of Case tests compare the AP Music Theory? Any advice? Clues? Hints? HELP!</p>


<p>My son is a freshman music major at Case. I wasn't with him when he auditioned, but I think he thought the theory test was pretty easy. He had not taken any theory classes, so your D should be fine. </p>

<p>Now, the sight singing test on the first day of his theory class threw him (you have to pass to stay in Theory 1 and not be placed in remedial). He'd never sung at all, but the prof let him stay in the class as long as he improved...</p>