CW Post on Long Island

<p>Though this is not an MT program, the theater dept. profs said that an acting student is encouraged to take vocal lessons and dance. Does anyone have any info on this program? Also near NYC, beautiful campus, decent academic scholarships, but I'd love to hear about someone with experience there.</p>


<p>I applied to the CW Post BFA Acting program and was accepted...</p>

<p>I really liked the head of the dept... Cara, she was brilliant. The dept was nice for me, small, the theatre facilty kind of was nice...</p>

<p>The school was pretty and everything. </p>

<p>I just didnt mesh with it but i could see how some people love it. I saw a show there and it was very well done, AMAZING technical side...i dont think it is TERRIBLY hard to get into... but it is still an audition...</p>

<p>I opted for Syracuse... but CW POst is DEFINATLY WORTH THE VISIT!</p>

<p>hope this helps!</p>