CWRU vs BUCKNELL in business, sciences, and engineering

<p>I am undecided about my major and that is what the records will say at these two colleges. I think I wil major in business, engineering, or chemistry. It seems that at bucknell, I will not be guaranteed the spots in engineering school or in the management program, whereas case western is open-door admissions, which means that I will be able to transfer into any school (engineering school, business school) because I am already accepted to the university. I know that bucknell is good in all three, and case is good in engineering and sciences. I don't know about CWRU's business though. Although business is one of the most popular majors at Case, I heard that many people end up going to business because they cannot handle the demanding engineering program.</p>

<p>So help me make the decision please, I don't have much more time until may 1st. Any opinion is welcome! If you think one's engineering or sciences are better, please reply. How is CWRU's business program now? Many replies please. Thanks!</p>

<p>Don't know much about Bucknell but I'm at Case right now so I can give you a few pointers in that direction. The buisness school here is pretty good, although I hear they're better for their masters, but I haven't heard too many complaints about it at all. A lot of kids are known to switch over from engineering not because they're really doing badly, they just decide it's not worth it. Really, if you got accepted to Case the only reason you'd be failing the engineering classes is if you were a complete slacker! Not saying they're very easy or anything, not by a long shot, but there's always someone willing to lend you a hand and engineering's going to be difficult no matter where you go.
Good luck!</p>

<p>hmmmm - both great schools - excellent in engineering & sciences, but I hear the same as stargirl, in that Case's biz school rep is more based on the grad program. As for Bucknell, it is quite possible to transfer between most depts. and minor in something or maybe a double major, but I would check w/ dept. deans to be sure of just what you need to do.</p>

<p>Don't forget, though - these are 2 COMPLETELY different campuses - where will you be more comfortable? Factor that in as well. Case is very urban - campus is mostly grey bldgs., bisected by a 6-lane road - very disjointed...major medical centers are part of and adjacent to campus, with associated screaming sirens 24/7. That said, being an urban campus, it offers much more in the way of things to do, places to go, etc.</p>

<p>BU, by contrast, is a gorgeous, CLEAN, campus with lots of lawns and trees in a sleepy little, historic town in central PA - a few hours from major cities. While the town offers all a student would need as far as basics, the closest mall is a 10-mile drive (frosh are not permitted to have cars). Intramural sports of all kinds are extremely popular - while Case does have an intramural program, it is not as large or diverse as BU.</p>

<p>If academics seems fairly equal - think about where you'd like to live for 4 years. Both have pros and cons - it's up to you!</p>

<p>I would contact a student ambassador from case in the business school, you can find them on their admissions website. I contacted a ChemE (my prospective major) student, and she was able to tell me a lot about the quality of the program.</p>

<p>CWRU hands down. Better location for jobs, internships, and activities.</p>