D.A.R.P.A. Grand Challenge

<p>So as a frosh, I've decided to join the DARPA team. They've allocated 24 slots for the summer when most of the work will actually occur (each person gets a $5k SURF stipend). And if we win, about a quarter of the $2 mil. prize will get shared with the students!</p>

<p>I actually wanna know more about SURF. I am in 3rd year EECE right now and international. On the website, they say that you have to choose a mentor from the faculty listing and then contact them. Come up with an idea for summer research and discuss with them. Based on that, you should apply for SURF. Generally 70 % of all the students are accepted. But they don't guarantee the 5k stipend to international students. If you randomly contact a Caltech prof. regarding SURF, will he respond eagerly like, will he take any interest at all ?</p>

<p>Every professor is different. Some are really excited and have a ton of ideas already. Some are willing to be a mentor, but don't have any ideas, and there are always a few who don't get back to you or turn you down.</p>

<p>Wait, but this is insane!!!</p>

<p>2 mil $ / 4 = $500,000 / 24 students = $ 20, 833</p>

<p>Surely they can't pay you this much even if there were five times as many of you, ... or can they??</p>

<p>It's not salary, it's a prize. Anyways, there are a lot of other students who've worked on DARPA along the way -- I wouldn't be suprised if the number is around 100-150 people.</p>